Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last Chance!

Today is your last chance to place an order in my Swanky Baby Vintage show! Here's the link:


Diana got her order (and it happens to be the same dress Wesleigh has :) Go see her adorable girls in their sweet dresses!! (and you can see her news!!!)

There have been some rumblings of LOA's trickling in...none from my agency yet, but hoping today might be a great day! STILL waiting for an update! I remember this from the last go-round...anytime anyone takes any time off, you just want to scream!

Maybe I'll be posting again in a little while :)


Paige said...

I hope you get some good news today!!! I am totally bummed right now, we got ANOTHER delay on our home study argggggg....approval even in the mail but now we have to get a child abuse clearance from MS where my college student is in school....really??? who has time to abuse children in college:), my social worker says it can take 2 weeks...it is what is it(my new mantra) Trying to KNOW that God KNOWS exactly what he is doing since obviously he does!
hope to see a post today for our good news!!!!

elliotts said...

Hoping for your LOA! We just received our PA for a beautiful little 19 month old girl on Friday. We are currently updating our homestudy to encompass SN and then we also received the BIG e-mail with all the forms to see what is next...daunting, but it will keep us going to bring her home!!

Fingers crossed for you and your family.


Martha said...

Just placed my order. Can't wait to get it! Bought it for baby girl's 2nd bday which is next month!

DiJo said...

I LOVE Swanky Baby!!!!!!!


COME ON LOA STORK!!!! I need to be with one of my favorite BFF's in China!!

Kat Shank said...

I'm thinking happy thoughts in your direction... and I wanted to thank you for your pictures of Miss Wesleigh in her ruffly skirt a few months ago! I found one! heh Don't know if the link will work, but maybe it will: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=6510878&l=86c609971d&id=809797289

Too much fun! I love seeing your pictures, it really is the height of my week. It's so wonderful seeing someone who loves kids so much giving a home, love and life to one that would otherwise only know a barrack type home. I know I've said it before and it may sound odd (and possibly very weird) from someone without kids and who had no aspirations to having kids, but y'all are just wonderful people. :)

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