Friday, May 13, 2011

Congratulations, Christopher!

*Blogger seems to have deleted my last post, which happens to be my update on Gracie Joy. I will have to re-write it. No worries!

Richard's younger (much younger) brother, Christopher, graduates from high school tonight! Last night we attended a ceremony for him and then went out to dinner at a very fancy (and expensive) steakhouse. Richard tried to warn his dad that the boys would eat like men...and they did! Bryce and Braden both ate their own filet and then finished mine! We never bring them out to eat at places like this, so it was a special treat. When I heard where we were eating, I got my dad to come watch Wesleigh. There was NO way I was bringing Wesleigh!

I took these pics from facebook, so they're not the best quality but I love them. Cade insisted that he wanted to wear a tie and his fedora! I was questioning his fashion judgement, but he seemed to be a hit :)




Congratulations, Christopher!! We love you!!


Paige said...

great pics, looks like a fun evening! I LOVE your dress, you look gorgeous!

snekcip said...

Awww congratulations Christopher!!! Love Cades sense of style!!!

We are getting ready for "graduation" here as well. It's preschool though!! LOL!! Bree is graduating from preschool 3 on next Friday! We are sooooo excited! Speaking of excited...I can't wait to hear the latest news on Gracie Joy!! Darn Blogger has been a BOOGER all day!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I love your dress, Jennifer! You guys look so summery - we still have out our hats & mittens (and used them today!) uggh!

Congrats to Richard's little brother! Glad the boys all enjoyed their steaks :)

Deanna said...

The boys look SO handsome and you look AMAZING! Glad you guys went out for a 'treat.'

3 Peanuts said... look BEAUTIFUL!!!! ANd you look about 16!!!!! LOVE your dress!!!! How did I miss this??? Looks like a very fun night out and I'll bet Paw Paw had a blast with WJ too:)

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