Thursday, January 6, 2011

USCIS...Oh My!!

Today, I am scheduled to receive our approved homestudy via my favorite "big white truck"! I am also hoping for the agency approval letter that has to go with it. If I receive both of those items, I will be overnighting my I800a! When the national office receives this packet, they will issue fingerprint appointments for Richard and I. UGH... Richard has been banned from any hard labor that would, in any way, mess up his hands!! The problem is, that even a simple paper cut could mess things up. I'm going to be a nervous wreck until this appointment is over!!

So....Here's a question...Has anyone ever walked in early to the New Orleans office? Some offices allow you to bring your appointment forms and walk in early. I feel pretty certain that the NO office would not "allow" this. I'm just trying to decide if I have enough nerve to try it. I'm pretty good at playing dumb, so the worst they could tell me is "go away, you're a dumb blonde", right? Richard would, of course, be with me and he's a pretty good salesman so we might just give it a try. Of course, we would bring our secret weapon (Miss W)! She's always seems to put people in a good mood.

I made the comment yesterday that I will now be in the government hands. (Something that makes me nausous to think about) I was corrected, however, and reminded that I am in God's hands. This makes me much more secure and peaceful. Last year when we had that awful experience in the USCIS office, my mom posted this comment:

"The kings heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He wishes." Pr. 21:1. That includes government workers and bureaucracy.

I am going to pray this over the packet before I send it off!!


Emy said...

I would definitely try it! We were just talking about this on our ET yahoo group yesterday and SO many people go early. Doesn't hurt to play dumb, I do that a lot too! ;o)
Good Luck!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Yes, you are in God's Hands and He knows the plan... trust and throw the worry and fear away!!!
Blessings and Joy!!!

ps Lisa @
lives near you I think so you might comment or email her.
Super sweet girl~ we were in China together!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

I love to follow your blog and have enjoyed your journey! We are going back in February to pick up our 2nd little Chinese boy..........what a blessing. We will have virtual twins also. Anyway, we live about two hours away from Tucson and went in early for fingerprints. We "played dumb" also, and said we were in town already for another committment (which we were - shopping and a dentist appt!) and could we possibly get them done while we were in town. We talked about having to make an extra trip, fuel prices, etc. ..........and we got right in!
Best of luck!
Anne in AZ

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

It will all turn out as it should and before you know it, you will be China bound!

I'll be watching and praying!


Stephanie said...

Oh go for it - Miss W can get you through anything - even an early walk in :) Who could say no to her?

Praying for Richard's hands - keep em' in pristine shape - haha

Christy said...

I cant belive you are adopting again!!! I am thrilled for you!! I cant wait to add a similar age little girl to Mia to our family. I have seen so many families add another Daughter the same age or similar age to their existing daughters and they do amazing!! We cant wait and I am thrilled you guys are doing the same. Have you joined the Advocate Yahoo group? If not please do. We found Finley on the shared list and there are some amazing 2 to 3 year old girls on the list with what I would consider minor needs. Maybe another SB kid will be in your future-- if you have to go to clinic with one-- mine as well take 2 :) So happy for you!!!

Myra said...

Exciting stuff!! Good luck :) Hope you have a better experience this time!

The Payne Family Blog said...

Girl! I am so excited for you! Ours FINALLY got sent to our agency for approval today!!! Praying my agency is faster than usual so i can get that I800A in the mail too:) CONGRATULATIONS!! Another hurtle down!


Kim said...

Congratulations on adopting again! I would absolutely walk in. I know every office is different, but you can't lose a thing and only gain time. I can't wait to see your newest daughter! Please don't let USCIS rob you of your joy during this special time- we had a horrible experience with our I800A process (officer) with Cai's adoption and I obsessed over it and cried and was miserable- until I completely handed it over to the Lord, like REALLY handed it over. Anyway then the I800 part was a breeze and with this adoption, I tried to go into it with God's armor on! So far, so good! Can't wait to follow along! Love, Kim

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I obviously have no experiece here but I think you so try it. But my advice if you do try the early thing is to do it first thing in the morning. I think people tend to be nicer at 9AM than at 4PM when they are rushing to finish project before the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

HI, I've been reading your blog for a lil while and thought I'd comment. First, your little girl is precious!! Second, just wanted to add that my husband went a few HOURS early for his appt and they took him right in. It seems to be a really slow dept., as we have been twice and it was dead both times. I say go for it...the most they can do is tell u no. I dont know how far you live from NO, but at least you could visit the quarter or something if they won't t let you. I would contact Lisa too, she might know more. Good Luck :)

paige said...

LOVE that verse!! getting ready to go through it all again too. Which agency are you using, starting to research!!

paige said...

Just reading Christy's comment about the Advocate Yahoo group and cannot find anything on it. I'd love to join it, do you know how? Thanks!

Anonymous said...


I was away for the holiday and missed the big announcement - so happy for you guys!! It was such and honor to watch your journey to Wesleigh - can't wait to follow along on your journey to your next daughter - thanks for sharing!!

Blessings, Ashley

Shannon said...

Jennifer, did you ever see the Seinfeld episode where George was a hand model and wore oven mits around to protect his hands before his BIG photo shoot. Maybe Richard could do that. LOL

I agree with everyone, go early and I will be believing for the favor of the Lord for yall. And bringing Miss W definitely wouldn't hurt the situation at all. :)

Kim said...

I am sooo excited for you .. Love it..
can't wait..

Julie said...

Just checking in and caught your announcement. Congrats on your exciting news! I have virtual twins, too..God is good!!!

Steffie B. said...

Well as you know, we had all sorts of nightmares with this last adoption. And nothing has gone the way "I" wanted it to. However, each time something happened I took a step back and remembered that God has a plan, I just need to be patient, and when the time is right He will reveal the answer to me. I believe the longer wait was to prepare me emotionally for this journey of bringing home an older child. It has given me a lot of time to think and pray about it.

I will keep you in my prayers and I hope everything goes smoothly for you and better yet....the God shows you who your child is soon! ;)


Anonymous said...

So exciting and what a wonderful reminder from your mom! We are not adopting again so I will live vicariously through you and Stacy's next adoption experience!


Stacy said...

I am sending mine today (Friday) and feel the same way you do about now being in the gov'ts hands. So, tell your mom thank you for sharing with me, too!! She's right. And I ALSO will be PRAYING OVER my packet before sending it off!

I wish we could walk in our office- ours is 6 hours away and if they said "No way!" .......well, it just wouldn't be good. I wrote a letter asking permission to go to the office of our choice. I'm just hoping that works.

I will be praying for you guys and your packet!
So excited for us!!

Love you!!

snekcip said...

Indeed in GOD'S HANDS and in our prayers. Wishing you all the best!

Canada to China and back! said...

Praying for you and your sweet family! I can't wait to follow your journey to China again! So exciting!!!


Heather Austin said...

So excited to hear you're adopting again! Best of luck for a quick and easy process!!

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