Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dreaded Weekend...

Most of the time, I look forward to the weekend. I'm quite sure most of us do. The boys are home, the alarm clock doesn't go off (even if Wesleigh still does!), there's no homework, etc. However, once you enter the adoption realm, weekends become your enemy. You are now painfully aware that nobody is in the government office working on your paperwork, your agency is closed, and there is no hope of receiving any good news.

In addition to this, if weekends are painful, holidays are almost unbearable! Not only are offices closed extra days, but, you know, even when they are "working", they are probably ordering Christmas presents off the web or having office parties...counting down the minutes before they can stop thinking about my paperwork!! And forget about CNY!! Weeks of non-production! Ughhh!!!!

So...while most of the world is dreading Monday morning...I (and, I'm sure most of my adoptive friends) am counting down the hours until the offices are open again!

Enjoy your weekend!! I'm trying to!!! :-)


Sharon Ankerich said...

Bless you in the wait~ I remember well! Try to enjoy the now.
Blessings and Joy!!! :)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...



Beth said...

I agree.....and not just govt workers that are suppose to update our paper work to add us officially to the SN list, agencies that are manned by people that don't really know our situation, etc. Guess it will be about Presidents Day before China is back up working? ho hum.

DiJo said...

Girl, you know I am with you here.. Thank goodness we have email, and phones, or we would both go crazy!! I may even have all of my closets purged by the time we go to China. Way too many weekends between now and then!!! I give thanks everyday that you and I are in this long line together!!!! Thank you for walking the road with me.. The turns, the single lanes, the hills, and the valleys!!! I am ready for a speedy highway! It's almost Monday!


elliotts said...

You nailed that right on the head! We have been logged in since 11/8/2010...and are now transitioning to the waiting child list with our agency...hang in there!


Hoots Momma said...

I feel ya Jennifer... We are praying our TA comes Monday... we were told it would be processed before the CNY and our agency thinks it will be here at least by Wednesday... crossing fingers. we still won't be able to schedule a CA until after the holiday. Praying you receive good news soon!

Kim said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one! I love for Monday mornings to roll around now (I'll change my mind once we are back in the non adoption season of life!) But CNY is totally throwing me for a loop. We are waiting for Article 5. Who takes that much time off??? I mean, really people! Love, Kim

The Payne Family Blog said...

I hear you. I was just thinking the same exact thing. Come on people!!! Push that paperwork through!!! Have you gotten finger print dates yet? We got our email but still waiting for "official" receipt. Hoping for this week. Good luck!


Merrill said...

Not sure how I stumbled on your blog...but I so remember those days. It's been almost 7 years for me but I clearly remember dreading 5:00 on Friday afternoon every single weekend because it was just 2 more days of waiting where nothing would happen.

Hang in there!

Jennifer O'Cain said...


Where you are currently in the wait? I am waiting on our I800A approval and thought I would have had it by now though I'm not sure how long it is taking to process at this time. I am with you and feel like this is going to take forever.
I hope things move swiftly for us!

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