Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Of Course...

We had a little photo shoot yesterday, just because...I love this outfit!! (the dress and leggings are from Hann@ Anders0n, the sweater is from Target) DSC_0155 DSC_0147 DSC_0141 DSC_0171
My main goal with this video was to catch Wesleigh saying "of course" on camera. She says it ALL the time, and always in context. I was trying to figure out where she picked it up from, because I might use it every once in a while, but not all the time. We were driving yesterday and I was listing to Belle (for the millionth time). All of a sudden I realized that they say "of course" constantly! So cute!

OK...I couldn't get the video to do right, so it's in the post under this one.

I was asked where I got her little kitchen. Here's the link. I have to say...I love it! Delivered for way under $200 and it's adorable. It seems to be made really well too. I love that there is so much space to store her "food"!

Also, I've been asked if we're chasing a specific child. We have not identified a child yet. There is someone who has caught my eye, but I need to get logged in first. Our goal is to find a sister for Wesleigh who is the same school age. They will grow up as virtual twins. I figure, if I'm already driving one to dance, I might as well bring two!!


Sharon Ankerich said...

Completely precious and 'Of Course' Adorable!!! :)

snekcip said...

Dont you just love Target!!! I got my eyes on this Blue Holiday dress! I. GOT. TO. HAVE. IT!!! Wesleigh is gonna love having a "twin"! DOUBLE SWEETNESS!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

enjoy the process. It couldn't happen to a nicer family!


Ani said...

Oh wow! Just catching up on your big news! Praying for a speedy process to your new daughter. How wonderful... Another girl!!!

Stephanie said...

Love those pictures!!!! She's so adorable!

Love that you're looking for a sister for her. I told my husband I wish we had one for Allie - he refused :) of course if we could afford one I think it'd be different. We should be millionaires and then there would be no worries :)

Lisa said...

She is absolutely adorable!

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