Saturday, November 20, 2010

This and That

You can't imagine how disgusting my house is right now! I am swimming in piles of "stuff" everywhere! I don't even know where to begin. I do know that I can't stand to look at it anymore, so I'd better start somewhere. The house cleaning fairy just won't show up!! She is turning out to be even less dependable than the tooth fairy... Geez...the incompetence of figments of my imagination these days!!!

This week has been crazy. The amount of collective homework I've helped with this week is unbelievable. I'd better have made A's on those assignments!! :) I am so excited to have the boys home this week for Thanksgiving just for the fact that we won't have homework to do! I told Bryce I might pay him to get up with Wesleigh one morning so I could sleep in. Of course, I know better than to think that I will actually be able to sleep late on that day! I'm exhausted though, and just can't seem to catch up. I'm sitting here hoping for a burst of energy so I can get this house whipped into shape before the week starts. Hmmm....waiting.....waiting....Nope, hasn't hit me yet, so I'll just show you a few "couch potato" pics I've been saving.

Wesleigh loves to snuggle up to whoever is willing and watch "boos coos" (or elmo, or get the idea!). Seems, when the boys are around, there's always someone willing to ablidge her. She was actually playing with Cade's hair with her feet. So cute!


Paw Paw got in on the action too. (Notice the baby and the finger again!).

This might have been the funniest. I walked in the room and these two were laid out on the table watching something.

Of course, then they had to pose.


I've also been on the search, lately, for another one of these. I used to have two, but we seem to have misplaced one of them (probably at a baseball park). Wesleigh has been more and more attached to "baby" recently, and I want to make sure we always have one (or 3). I know I found it at wally world for about $10. Now, I can only find it on Am@zon for $24!! I'm just way too stubborn (or cheap) to pay that! I've found similar babies and she'll hold them in the store for a few minutes. Then she hands it back to me and says, "no baby, baby home". Telling me to put the baby back in her home. I think it's hysterical and I'm so thankful she hasn't been making me buy them all!! So if you have one of these hanging around that your daughter is not attached to, I'd love to buy it from you!! She'll get lots of love at my house!!

OK...I've procrastinated enough. Time to put on the cleaning fairy wings and get to work! Ughhh.... Have a great weekend!!


Canada to China and back! said...

I am right with you! No cleaning fairy here either :) And a huge lack of energy or motivation! The only places that seem to get cleaned regularly are the kitchen and bathroom, I have lock myself in the bathroom and enjoy the only clean area I can find! Lol! I love the baby couch potato:) She is so gosh darn cute! Look how long Wesleigh's hair is getting!!! Addison is in a really painful in between stage (kind of like a mullet), so we get these piggy tails that stick straight up :O) Praying you (and I) find the energy to tidy things up :0)


3 Peanuts said...

I hear ya sista. My counters were completely COVERED in mail, junk and school papers!!!! I had Dave take the kids today on an outing so I could clean the clutter because it was driving me MAD!!!! It is looking rather good downstairs now. but I have not even touched the upstairs:(

Hope you get some stuff accomplished.


Debbie said...

Crikey, I thought it was just me! Our little girl came home in February this year and although to other people our house looks fine, I so know it isnt! Only on the surface....
Our wee one is nearly one and I just dont see how its possible to do housework when she is awake. I literally have an hour at nap time to scoot round and get caught up a bit.

Debbie said...
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Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

You can send the cleaning fairy to my house next! Just finally got our suitcases put away after two weeks home from China!! The rest of the house, I just put blinders on! ha

Kim said...

I am usually always cleaning and tonight the kids are gone and I should be cleaning and I am going to play on computer and lay on bed and read and watch tv..
LOVE the photos.

Patty said...

Does the baby have a tag....look on e-bay. That's what I did so we had "2" of the same babies, that you can't even buy at the store anymore.....good luck....your daughter is soooo adorable...I LOVE your blog.

Sharon said...

Wow, I can't believe how long its been since Ive been over here. I am so sorry and boy have a i been missing out on your adorable family!! I love how you all are cozy on the couch! We are doing alot of that here...and we are doing the same kind of always picking up too...well, me, anyway. Hope you don't stress. and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Emy said...

Were you able to get anymore babies? I think I saw them at Walmart the other day, and when I saw it in the picture from yesterday's post I remembered this one. If you still need one I can check it out to see if they are the same. :o)

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