Monday, November 29, 2010

Love Birds

For some reason, birds seem to want to come into our house! I don't know if it's because we have so many windows or what, but it's kind of crazy. We constantly have birds flying into our back windows. Some make it to fly away...some don't. I don't know if you remember, but I posted about a cardinal who would beat on my kitchen window way too early. We took care of him (no, I will not tell you how!!). We now have a little finch who loves to tap on my window. He's so sweet and just gives me little "love taps". I am actually enjoying him being around :-) The other morning, he was visiting us and Wesleigh was able to see him. She was so cute and the little bird kept coming up to her. You can see the lion's mane in these pictures!


The boys went back to school today. I can honestly say, I was very sad to see them go. Not so much because they would be gone during the day, but because I know it means hours of homework (and getting up way too early). I've been telling them and myself that it's just 3 weeks! We can give it our all for three weeks and then have a well-deserved break. I'll let you know how that plan works!

I'm also trying to get the house decorated for Christmas. It's not going so well ;) I am having a hard time getting motivated for some reason. I don't have our big Santa party planned this year, so there's not a big event that is spurring me on. I think we're going to do things simple this year. Of course, simple still includes a 12 ft. tree, so "simple" is a relative term! We'll see how it turns out. Wesleigh has attached herself to a paper mache Santa that I have. I even found Santa in her bed today for a nap. I'll post a picture of Wesleigh and Santa soon.

It's supposed to cool off tomorrow, so maybe that will help us get into the Christmas spirit!!


Sharon Ankerich said...

We have lots of windows too and birds are constantly flying into our windows... if they don't make it, our neighbors cat usually takes care of them. EK thinks they get up and fly away~ I'm not telling her any different! :) Blessings as you decorate!!!

Anonymous said...

You have a love bird watching out for you!!! Another blessing! Lauren McG

3 Peanuts said...

Oh that lil birdie is so cute...

Dawn said...

This is just so cute!

snekcip said...

Send me the COOKY CARDINAL *wait it's dead huh? Well send THE FINCH our way!! We have a crazed woodpecker that pecks on the metal raingutter on our apt almost every morning! What he finds in there, that is so interesting or dare I say "delectable" is beyond me! Then it has nerve to start "breakfast" at 6:15-6:30 in the morning, right by my windowsill!! It's not so bad on the weekdays-because I'm usually up, but on the weekends I want to TRY and sleep in! I will open the window and it will fly a short distance away, but eventually comes back and starts pecking away!!

I think this fellow did not get the MEMO, that "woodpeckers peck WOOD"!!!!!!

Serving the King said...

Dear friend, please send me your kitchen curtains because they are fabulous. Sincerely, Sonia.

The 5 Bickies said...

We have lots of birds in our house lately because of so many openings due to construction. I would like them outside my window coming to say cute!

I don't feel like decorating either and my kids are so excited to get it all out. I sound Lazy and need to kick it up a notch.

DiJo said...

I am loving that Lion Mullet on The Tea Cup!!!!!

Well perhaps 5degrees will motivate you to decorate that gorgeous tree!!!! Slap on the Christmas music and get going. Wesleigh is going to LOVE that tree!!!! And, of course all of the sparkly lights, and ornaments dangling that are calling for her attention!!! Perhaps you will find a few hidden in her purses and backpack!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I can't get in the mood much either!


Canada to China and back! said...

I think I am at a very similar place in my life! I was thinking if someone adds one more "thing" onto my crazy list I may just have a 2 yr old hissy fit :P lol! 11 more school days for us! Yay! I can't wait to not have homework, chauffering & school lunches to make :)

I love the pictures of Wesleigh (lions mane and all) and the sweet little finch!

Happy decorating!


Sammons said...

At least she has hair right? Put that tree up! Miss W is going to LOVE it!! Lexi is in charge of turning the lights on ours every morning and she never forgets :) We have one ornament that she is allowd to touch, re-hang, AMAZING! All right I'm done :), dive in :)

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