Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quick Visit

We had a quick visit this weekend from the Peanuts as they traveled home from Disney! We are always happy to see the Peanuts! (We had all the kids except Braden. He and Richard were hunting.)


Kate and Wesleigh had a great time playing together. (The boys did too, but we weren't chasing them with our cameras!!)


Kate brought Wesleigh this adorable coat that she has outgrown. Wesleigh was SO excited and wore it for the longest time.


Dave got to meet Wesleigh for the first time and she loved him! She usually doesn't respond to men at all and would never let a man pick her up. I think she was sweet on Mr. Dave ;)

Comparing hacky sack skills they all learned in China :)


Sharon Ankerich said...

How fun was that! Loved all your pics and the kids were all so cute! I know the girls had a ball playing together!!! I ordered my girls ruffle pants just like Wesleigh's. They are adorable!!! And they have that cute sweater from Target W had on the other day. :)

Sammons said...

I am just in awe of that never ending grass and yards bigger than a box!!! Her is Az its all about how many houses we can fit on how little property! Oh how I miss trees and things that are green. Beautiful pictures!

Serving the King said...

So sweet...and I must confess....I am coveting your kitchen right now...sigh.... :)

3 Peanuts said...

We had such a nice time on our quick visit. I need to post about it too but Harry is REALLY sick...fever, STREP and throwing up and I am fighting off something too. LOVE your shots here. Wish we could have more visits:)

Football and Fried Rice said...

Gotta love the Peanuts! Glad the weather was so beautiful too! I am also relieved to see WJ and Kate's hair getting loose and strands hanging in their faces :) - what's the deal? It's nice to know Mya isn't the only one whose hair seems to grow straight FORWARD!! Which is why we love hats ;)


I love the look on Wesleigh's face as she shows Miss Kim her China book - sweet.

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