Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving, 2010

Thanksgiving was pretty calm and laid-back this year. We went to my parents for dinner and enjoyed the day. This year was special because we have Wesleigh with us. I can remember how stressful the holidays were for me last year, as we waited for all our approvals to come in. I am very happy to not reliving that this year!

My oldest and youngest. They always seem to take the sweetest pictures together.

Miss W and her daddy. She loved it. She ate everything on her plate and had a second helping of mashed potatoes!


Bryce shared the art of builing things with Legos. These Legos were my brothers' when we were little. Every grandchild seems to love them! He was happy to sit there and make things for her ;)

This totally cracks me up. We don't have alot of leaves in our yard, so this is the first time she's seen a pile of leaves like this. She hiked up that dress all on her own before she got close to it. So funny!!



My parents and my kiddos.

It was 85 degrees and sunny yesterday, and today it's rainy and 50! We enjoyed the warmer weather yesterday, but forget about wearing your cute boots and sweaters!!

Someone asked where Wesleigh's dress came from. I bought it last week on the "my adoption website" auction! I was so excited about it and think it looks adorable on her!!


Football and Fried Rice said...

You got some adorable pictures n Thanksgiving. You make me feel a litle guilty about the "wind pants" I wore :) I love WJ's dress - but you can't beat the boys' stripes! Handsome!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh it looks like a fun laid back Thanksgiving. Ours was just like that too. So nice not to have to cook and clean up:) I love seeing all these family photos. Everyone looks great. Our love to everyone...Linda and Ralph too:)

Love W hiking up her cute.

Serving the King said...

Girl I am going through right now what you went through last year right at this time. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Glad to know you survived. This gives me hope. Great pics and Happy 1st Thanksgiving to Wesleigh!

Canada to China and back! said...

Oh that looks like a perfect Thanksgiving! I love it when they are laid back and just about family :) 80's!!!Thats like summer almost ;) That is one great pile of leaves. Perfect for jumping in!


Llama said...

Awww! How completely sweet! Love your blog! Miss W's dress is super cute!

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