Monday, November 15, 2010

I Wuh Woo, Mommy

Yesterday, for the first time, Wesleigh snuggled into me, put her hand on my cheek and said these words to me without me saying it first. It is beautiful when any child tells you this, but with just means a little more. For someone who spent most of her first 2 years without the love of a mother, it is nothing short of a miracle to see her now. She is pretty stingy with the words, "I love you". She doesn't use them lightly, which makes them all the more valuable. What an honor to be the recipient of such beautiful words and emotions.

I Wuh Woo, Wesleigh Jane!





Shannon Sauceman said...

I've had an emotional morning already, but this just made me cry real tears. I can't help but think of the line from "The Blind Side' when Lou Ann's friends are telling her that she is changing Michael's life and she responds, "No, he's changing mine." I know that for every ounce of joy you bring to her life, she is bringing you 10times that much joy. Thank you so much for sharing your heart (your family) in this blog.

redmaryjanes said...

Beyond precious! I saw the name of this post and had to come right over.
I am so happy for your family.

Ani said...

She is the sweetest little girl, so loved by her entire family... Thanks for sharing this with us.

Lindy said...

Oh, what a sweet moment for you both!

elliotts said...

How sweet, it brought tears to my eyes....she is just adorable!

E said...

Those words certainly are music to the ears. Each time I hear them, I melt!

Mission To Macie said...


Jill :)

Canada to China and back! said...

Such beautiful meaningful words from a beautiful precious little girl!


The 5 Bickies said...

She is scrumptious!

snekcip said...

Just too, too adorable!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Kim said...

Wesleigh is tooo cute..
Sooo happy for you guys..
she is precious..

Linda said...


DiJo said...

Amazing what 3 precious words can do to us.... She can love, because you have loved her unconditionally!

These blessings take my breath away somedays!!!

Hugs from someone else who thinks you are pretty amazing!

Teresa said...

I totally understand how very special that moment is!! Gabriella has been doing the same thing and I truly melt when she grabs my cheeks and says "I WUV you mama" and then I get a nice juicy toddler makes every day and incredible day!!

Cori said...

What sweet and special words!!

Sammons said...

Melts my heart!!

3 Peanuts said...

Awww...this is such a special occasion!!!!
I know that the first time one of our daughters says this to us on their own is such a HUGE milestone. I will NEVER forget when Katie Ru said it to me unprompted. I am so happy for you and I "wuh" sweet Wesleigh!


Debbie said...

Those words are the most precious words a mother can hear. Darci repeated "I love you" but when she said it for the first time on her own and knew the meaning of what she was saying just cut to my heart!!!! BTW - Where did you get that precious outfit, I LOVE IT!!!!

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