Monday, March 1, 2010

Work With Daddy

Wesleigh and I finally made it up to Richard's office to meet some more of her adoring fans ;) She was charming, of course, and received some super cute goodies! You'll see those below. She adores her Daddy, but wasn't crazy about the wall art!

Another use for her bloomers. She has learned that she can see the pictures after I take them, but has also learned that she has to step back and let me take the picture first. Pretty smart if you ask me. She had these on her head when the boys got home. They got a huge kick out of it. BTW...aren't they adorable?!?! They are LSU colors!!

OK, do you think these ladies know what I like? You can't see the little flip flops that good, but they have a monogrammed button in the middle of the bow with a "W". Too cute!! Thanks, ladies!!

And as a bonus, I thought I'd post this lovely picture of Cade. He is such a clown and loves to do crazy stuff like this. He keeps us laughing all the time.

We had 1 baseball game Saturday and 2 games Sunday. The weather was so perfect on Sunday that it was wonderful to be outside enjoying it. Wesleigh was really good and even enjoyed cheering for the boys. Anytime someone hit the ball, she clapped and cheered. Really cute! It is so hard to not let anyone hold her. Our baseball team has been together for a number of years and these moms are like family. It would be a whole lot easier if I could share her a little more too. That's ok. I know it's temporary and it's the right thing for Wesleigh. She does favor me over the boys now, so that's good. She is still overly friendly with everyone else though, so we still have some work to do.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

OMW.... those are the cutest little outfits..the flip flops are ADORABLE..
love the photos..
sounds like things are going very well.
have a great week..

Jodee Leader said...

Holy cow! It looks like Wesleigh hit the jackpot with her Daddy's co-workers! Those flip flops rock!

Courtney said...

Love all the great new outfits. I am jealous of your warm weather. We are getting excited at the prospect of upper 40's this weekend!

vicki said...

Those outfits are TOO much! so cute!
I am soooo jealous of you taking in some baseball outside! We have another good month indoors before we'll be able to get out there! Glad she's doing so well ;)


Aaron and Erica said...

You are is super hard not to share your precious little one with all of your friends and family that have been waiting for her and praying for her. I felt really bad at first, especially if I had to explain it to someone new. But I just had to force myself to stick with it and be the only one (other than my husband) to hold her and love on her/meet her needs, etc. One of the social workers at the International Adoption Clinic even explained to me that it is best if you explain to your close family members (one's you see often) that they should not even "engage" her for more than a second or two. Imagine how hard that they couldn't hold her or smile at her for more than 2 seconds! We just did the best we could with that one and it even became something we could laugh about in our family. My mom would say to my sister, for example, now that was more than 2 seconds...stop laughing with her!!! But looking back, I do think it helped. When other's started not paying as much attention to her, she would look more to me for approval and she started to rely more on me to fill up her "emotion" cup.

I love her cute little summer outfits...especially the flip flops!

Have a great week!!!

3 Peanuts said...


Love the photo of Cade and the bloomers on W's head...they are some comedians!!!!! So glad that things are going well. You are doing all the right things:0


TanyaLea said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the personalized monogrammed attire for Wesleigh...adorable! And I think it's so cute when they figure out that they can see themselves in the camera...but what a smart cookie that she figured out she has to step back first. The bloomers on her head are too funny...what a ham! Looks like she learned that from her GeGe!!

I know it's hard to stick to the rules. Baseball will be in full swing here when we return from China in the spring, too... and I know how very hard it will be for us, as well. The other parents are much like family though, so I pray they understand. You are doing the right thing...just stay strong and the rewards will be great!

Blessings from MN! <><
~ Tanya

snekcip said...

Look like Wesleigh is coming along just fine!!! She scored BIG TIME at the office!! Love the outfits!!!


Linda said...

Thanks for the advice from Erica about not engaging Wesleigh for more than a second or two. She is quite "engaging" so that will be hard, but it seems to be the best thing to do because she will reach for my hand if I give her much attention. I feel so guilty if I don't pay attention to her. What kind of grandmother is that??!!!! BUT I read a little about attachment myself and commenters on this blog have given great advice. I can really see how crucial this time is for her to attach strongly to her parents. I am willing to wait...and I am so blessed to have other grandchildren to give attention to while I wait. I have no doubt that Miss Wesleigh and I will have a long, loving relationship...but for now....I'll ignore her a little! Thanks again for the advice and encouragement!

Leah Mei said...

Love the outfits and can't wait to see pix of her in them! Those sandals are to die for. Now you've got me wanting to monogram everything! My husband thinks I've lost my mind.

Brandee Ross said...

Jennifer, she is adorable! Glad things are going so well with Miss Wesleigh!

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