Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Big Day

You're just going to have to bear with me. I know there are lots of pictures, but really...how can I choose? I have a number of things to post from the weekend, but they'll have to wait. Yesterday is definitely the highlight!

I have been wanting to get Wesleigh's ears pierced for a few weeks now, but it took me a while to decide that I was actually going to go through with it. Then it took even longer to find a time where the store had 2 people who could do it at the same time, and I could have someone to go with me. I was such a wreck!

Before we went, I took Miss W out because the weather has been so incredible. She definitely put on a show for me ;) Her dress was given to me by Denise. Denise, I LOVE it!! It is so beautiful on her!!
This is the first time she has done this to me. I told her to "smile" and this is what I got!! Oh no!!! We're not really going to start doing that...are we?!?! Of course, I started dying laughing because it was quite hysterical. Don't you love the purse, stoller and baby? I'm quite sure the cell phone is in the purse ;)


I wanted to show you her beautiful bracelet. My mom got this for her birthday. Her initials are engraved on the silver plate. She is so good with it, and it is precious on her. It is TINY.


Here she goes..walking her baby. She's waving "bye-bye" to me.


And blowing me a kiss...how cute is that?!?


So...here's the after. You've already seen my favorite picture from this shoot, but there were SO many cute ones. I love this one, how she's so dressed up, but the dress is hiked up.



And, one of my absolute favorites. I love how she's reaching out for me. I swear, she gets more beautiful each day. She is such a joy and has added so much to our lives. How did we survive without her?



Shay Ankerich said...

Completely beautiful and she will continue to be everyday! EK certainly does to us! We look at her and can't believe how blessed we are to be her mom and dad. God is so good!!! Love the dress and the bracelet. So beautiful. We are having great weather here too... hope it lasts! :) So glad you all are doing well and getting into a routine!!!

Mission To Macie said...


ladybugsnkatydids said...


Not to say that she wasn't beautiful before, but she is getting more and more beautiful because of the gift of love you and your boys have given her :-)!

She has most certainly blossomed!

Cori said...

LOVE her earrings!! So cute. What a gorgeous bracelet too!! She really is a beautiful girl and looks so comfortable with her family.

Cori said...

Her new earrings and bracelet are beautiful!! She really is a gorgeous little girl, and looks so comfortable with her family!!

Anonymous said...


Kim said...

I love the dress... the earrings.. the braclet... and above all..
She makes me tear up..
Hugs.. my friend..

redmaryjanes said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that last photo!

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

She is just simply wonderful...thats its...just wonderful! I love seeing her with your family!

Felicia said...

She is just adorable...oh, she makes my heart melt!

Dawn said...

Jenn..she is just sooo beautiful..and she looks like a little Southern Belle. I am so happy for you and your family..your wait is over...can you even imagine your life any other way?? xoxo

Paige said...

She's just a doll...adorable!

Kim said...

Wesleigh is absolutely darling! Love the earrings! I wish I had the nerve- I have asked Cate, but she immediately asks if it will hurt. I should have done it months ago! ( Before she got the whole picture!) Love, Kim

Terri said...

She really does get cuter with every picture you post. Love her little ear rings. She's such a girly girl!

Journey To Our China Doll said...

Love that she's such a girly girl! I wonder how we lived without our little Lola Joy, too! PRECIOUS!!!!

Courtney said...

She is beautiful. I love all the great pictures!

Football & Fried Rice said...

I think she gets more beautiful everyday too (I think it is LOVE doing that!!) Doesn't hurt that the girl knows how to accessorize ;)

Post them ALL, Jennifer - we love them!!

Heather said...

Love everything about that girl! She is so darn cute. I could just cuddle her to pieces.

DiJo said...

Oh, how I am loving the Tea Cup from afar!!! These pictures are precious... Our great day turned into a long night over here.. Time to transfer Miss Sienna from the couch!! :)


Leah Mei said...

I think this is my favorite post!

Colleen said...

she is just beautiful and looks like she is adjusting very fast : ) love that she is reaching out to mama...I know that must make your heart so happy!!!
Love the bracelet and I love her dress....so pretty.

TanyaLea said...

Absolutely PRICELESS photos! Oh how I love the little 'mommy' she is ...all decked out with the purse and stroller and baby doll... TOO CUTE!

Her ears are so sweet pierced. The dress...GORGEOUS. The headband/bow...GOTTA HAVE IT! (seriously, WHERE can I purchase one of those for Khloe...I would love to bring it to China when we travel!?!) And that TINY bracelet from your mom... a TRUE KEEPSAKE! Oh how beautiful! I love seeing Wesleigh BLOOM now that she is home. Thank you for allowing us a sneak peak into your lives! God bless! <><

Hugs from Minnesota,
~ Tanya

Lindy said...

I love the dress, the bracelet and the handbag. It's so cute that she loves to take her dolly for a walk and that she is so loving toward you. I like that she still "squats", a stance that is popular in China and used to wait for buses, etc. She is a China girl fast becoming an American one. Wesleigh, you are so sweet!

Courtney said...

It sounds like Chloe and Wesleigh would get along just fine. We can't leave the house without our purse, sunglasses and baby lulu. I am going to have Chloe's ears pierced when she has tubes put in her ears. They will do it while she is asleep. Enjoy the weather, it looks like it is going to rain this afternoon.

Lori Carolina said...

Hey Jennifer, love these picture of your littlest sweetie, she's so precious!! It's so great to see you having such fun with her and she seems to be adjusting SO well!! Yes, she gets more and more beautiful every day!! :)
I ordered a couple of those hair bows last week, still haven't gotten them but I can't wait, they're beautiful!!

Lori Carolina said...

ps Love the earrings too and the bracelet from your mom....so sweet!!

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