Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yep...She's Ours!

By now, you know how much our family loves baseball. Richard set up this batting station in our garage so the boys could practice hitting, even when the weather is yucky. He sacrifices his parking spot for it. The boys love it and spend many afternoons in here hitting off the tee and doing soft toss. The other day, Richard brought Wesleigh in there with them and set her up in her stroller. I was in the laundry room, which is connected to the garage, and heard all this squawking and cheering. When I opened the door, this is what I saw. Wesleigh was so excited to see them hit the ball. She was screaming words at them (I have no idea what she was saying) and cheering when they hit the ball. It was absolutely hysterical. We have never heard her talk so much, and definitely not so loud. She'll fit right in at the baseball games with her Mama!!

The pics aren't great, but that's the best my garage will give me. Look close...she's got chopsticks in her hands. I don't know why I think that's so funny, but a little Chinese girl holding chopsticks, cheering very loudly for her American brother hitting the baseball just makes me smile ;)

The next day, Daddy started throwing a tennis ball to her. She loved it!

Pure sweetness! She is so smart. I swear she knows everything I tell her. We were in the kitchen and I told her to go get a diaper and bring it to me. She went all the way to her room, got the diaper and brought it to me. I was VERY impressed. Even if that was her intention, to stay focused long enough to carry through was very impressive.

We visited the 5th grade! Cade had his turn, now it was Braden's. He was so proud. Everyone got the biggest kick out of her squeaky shoes. I didn't realize that people didn't know that they actually squeak when she walks! Too funny!

This one isn't the best of Wesleigh, but I love the way Braden is looking at her ;)
Cade has a baseball game this afternoon, so we're off to enjoy that. It has actually turned into a pretty day, so I'm looking forward to being outside.
I appologize for not visiting everyone's blogs since I've been back. There are so many new "friends" that I am dying to check out. Wesleigh HATES it when I get on the computer, so that leaves me with naptime and night. There is just so much to do...I hope to get by soon!!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the photos..
Looks like Wesleigh is fitting right in..
.Have a great weekend...

Bethany said...

How cute are your pictures! I love how she is jumping up and down when catching the tennis ball in her stroller. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Perfect little sister for the boys:) Hope Cade's game was good - I know it is DEFINITELY not baseball weather yet here....

Blessings, Ashley

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Your little Wesleigh is just adorable! I know you're having fun with that little girl! I love her dress! Saw your post on the SB group and we are hoping to bring our son home in June and it sounds like his diagnosis is just about identical to your daughter's and we're told he is basically healthy and doing everything all other children do.

Enjoy that sweet little girl.


Felicia said...

Wesleigh is just sweet as can be. It's so cute how her big brothers are so smitten with her. And yes, she is one smart cookie!!

snekcip said...

No doubt she was a perfect fit for your family!!! Loving her in her squeaky shoes!!!

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