Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sleep Glorious Sleep


Believe it or not, this is how I found Wesleigh sleeping the other morning. So funny!

I can not even believe that it's already Thursday night! This week has flown by, but I have been EXHAUSTED! I am so glad the boys are home next week for spring break. I can't sleep as late as I used to, but any little bit will help. I am definitely feeling my age...OLD!

A very interesting thing has been going on in our house. Richard is now the parent that has to get up with Miss W!! After 4 kids.....Yay!!! We have found that if I go in her room when she wakes up she won't let me leave. I would be in there for an hour easy before I could get her back to sleep. But...if Richard goes in, she lays right back down and lets him leave the room, no problem. While it's annoying that Richard only has to get up for 60 seconds opposed to my hour, I am thrilled to not be the one getting up!!


Kim said...

Wesleigh is tooooooo CUTE..
Love it..
Sorry you are not getting any sleep.. hope you get some rest next week.
Glad that she will lay back down with Richard. he probably loves every minute of it..
Have a great weekend..

Lindy said...

How cute she is in her polka dot sleeper.
Glad she has bonded to her blanket and dolly.
It's so good that Richard can get her back to sleep quickly. Hope she is sleeping through the night soon!

Adele said...

I love this pic of Miss Wesleigh. I remember Mallory being in her crib laying exactly like that sometimes. So cute with that little booty in the air. LOL!
I am enjoying keeping up with you all. It looks like Wesleigh is adjusting just perfectly. What a blessing she is! Hope to see you before the year is over. The Chopstick Chics need to meet Miss W in person so we can steal some kisses!

Brandi said...

She is adorable!

and Kalia does that too! If I get up, we're up for twice as long as it takes him. So annoying...but you're right, I'll take any excuse to not have to get up! :)

Christy said...

Oh that is soooo cool!! My hubby has yet to get the whole wake up with the kids part yet. He gets great night sleeps while Im still occasionally getting up with Mia-- uggg!!! Anyway, no biggie but lucky you!! I have been extra tired this week too. Not sure why but its going around.

Christy :)

Carey said...

Love it!! The same thing happened to us with Jaden. Ahhh...after me getting up with the other 3, it was wonderful to be able to give him a little shove out of bed. =)

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

THat is too cute! Yep, my hubby is the one dealing with Ava at night after 5 kids! I have to say it is very nice to be the one that stays in bed! But I do have to tell him she is crying or he will sleep right through it!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Lottie sleeps this way sometimes too.....looks so uncomfortable to me! lol Great news with Dad taking over THAT part of parenting! (big smile)

Jewels of My Heart said...

She is precious and oh, so beautiful!
I have to tell you that somehow I lost your blog address. I saw you comment on another blog and followed it here. I didn't even know your beautiful daughter was home yet! How Happy!!!
I know you waited so long.... looking at your precious Wesleigh... I am so thankful that you had to wait for so long... for in doing so it was God's perfect timing and you now hold YOUR daughter in your arms... Jesus knew exactly who she was and when she would be able to come home to her forever family.
So happy for you all.
God bless you,

Stacy said...

I love it!!
She's beautiful.
Are we blessed or what?!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh that is too funny...maybe after 4 kids God just knew it was his turn;)

Hope you get some rest girlfriend.

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