Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sleepy Morning and The World's Best Snack

A few days ago, this is what I found when I walked out of the laundry room. What possessed her to get in the dog's bed (the dog she doesn't really like), I will never know. But, of course, before I got her out, I had to take a picture.

She sat on this bottom step with her blankie and her baby for quite a while. Look at her hair! It's getting long enough that she has bed head in the morning! Can you believe there's not ONE bow in this post!!

She made sure that blankie was right there by her or that she was sitting on it. So cute. At one point, she even did patty cake with her baby. Look how much the baby's hair looks like Wesleigh's ;)

Wesleigh took a long nap on this day and when she woke up, the boys were already home from school. Bryce is her snack buddy. He feeds her whatever he has...always. It's pretty funny. This day, she lucked out and got to learn how to dip an ORE0 in milk. She loves ORE0s. In fact, in China, Richard was the only one allowed to feed them to her because she loved them so much.

The eyelashes get me every time. I still just stare at them.

I'm almost caught up! This week has been rainy and yuck, so it's given me a chance to post the pics I've missed from last week. I've been trying to make the blog rounds and visit everyone who left me such sweet comments while we were in China. Wesleigh hates for me to be on the computer and when I even sit in the chair she starts fussing. This leaves me naptime to get everything done. I want to get to everyone, though, because your comments were so uplifting and sweet.
Hope you're having a great week! It's almost the weekend!! YAY!!!


Football & Fried Rice said...

Score for Wesleigh Jane & the OREOs! My favorite too!! Isn't that funny that she decided to crawl into the dog's bed? Kids love small spaces - doesn't matter that it doesn't belong to them :)

Love the bow-less post - Wesleigh can swing about anything - she's such a doll!

And, YES!, those eyelashes of hers still get me too!

MississippiZen said...

She's just so darling :) I hope Jill and I can make it your way soon to meet her!!!!!!!!

redmaryjanes said...

She is so darling!

3 Peanuts said...

You are so positive..."it is almost the weekend?" Honey, where I live it is only Wednesday morning! ANd my butt is dragging AND NEXT WEEK IS SPRING BREAK! UGH!

Love the oreo shots. Your boys are so sweet with Miss W.

Kate LOVED SCout's bed too. I have lots of photos of her on the blog in the dog bed and kennel in the early days.

snekcip said...

What is it w/long eyelashes and these Chinese beauties!! Their eyelashes are gorgeous!!!!!

BTW...don't feel bad, I have pulled Bree from the dogbed DAILY!! IDK what it is about the dog bed that she loves! I caught her one day, sitting "Indian style" watching cartoons, as the poor dog stood beside her "quite confused"!!!! As soon as I got her out, the dog promptly jumped in! She screamed "Paris in MY bed"!!! Soooo glad we didn't have company, can you imagine me EXPLAINING that one!! LOL!!! Happy Wednesday to you and your beautiful family!!

vicki said...

She is such a sweet little thing! I also love the doll! Could use some more info on that one so I can pick one up before China for miss Jenna ;)
Sounds like she's already got her brother's number with the snacks! too cute.

Kim said...

LOVE the photos...
Wesleigh is tooo cute..
Have a great day..

TanyaLea said...

What is it about dog beds?!... my nieces and nephews often find their way onto our little Rascal's bed, too! ;)

Wesleigh is such a hunny, and I have a soft-spot for pretty eyelashes, too...they get me everytime! :)

What a good GeGe she has...sharing his Oreos with her. He'd be my snack buddy, too... I LOVE Oreos and milk!!


Lindy said...

Oh, she is just so cute. I love the picture with her finger in her mouth. Her hair is growing in so thick. Love that she looks like her dolly. How nice she has attached to the blanket that her auntie made for her. Nothing better than sharing Ore0's with your brother. She is doing so well.

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