Monday, March 22, 2010

Is It Spring...or Winter?!?!

These are three of the cutest boys in the world! Cole is just about my 4th son. He is Braden's best friend in the world and is such a sweetie. He spent the weekend with us.


Miss Cheerleader. It was naptime, but she is always so sweet. She'll just hang out with her blankie and baby.


Giving knuckles to the boys. The boys LOVE this and do this before each game for good luck. Wesleigh loves it too and makes sure she goes to each boy multiple times.


Look how little her fist is through that fence!


Yep...she's a south Louisiana girl. She loves her jambalaya. I thought Bryce looked so funny with his long legs in this wagon. He is really helpful to me at the ballpark.


So...that was Saturday. This is Sunday:
EXTREMELY Cold, VERY windy, TOTALLY miserable!!
I didn't bring Wesleigh out in this. It was just awful. We played like it too. Lost the first game, but the good news was, we got to go home!!

Braden was so funny with that stocking cap on top of his baseball hat ;)


And...just to prove my of our dads:


Come on Spring!!!


redmaryjanes said...

This is so close to home. It brings tears to my eyes to see how the big brothers adore their little sister.

Football & Fried Rice said...

The boys are SO good with Wesleigh Jane! No wonder she is such a great cheerleader ;)

I am with you on SPRING - where is iT??? We got snow over the weekend & the remnants are still around - as if mocking me :) I hate being cold!

Anonymous said...

Adorable pics! This weather is killing me..your right come on spring.
Lynette in Lafayette

Keisha said...

Awl.. the boy are so handsome! That girl has them wrapped too! Isn't it funny?!!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a moment to post a comment lately, but be sure to know that we check this blog daily if not more. Sadie has watched the "bus" video a few too many times.

How beautiful seeing Wesleigh blossom under yall's care! What a blessing. You do know that I still get goosebumps every time I see her photo...they are so refreshing to my soul. I hope to you again soon...maybe Friday? or Thursday? Love, Lauren McGowan

3 Peanuts said...

Wesleigh is just darling giving her boys knuckles. We had that same weather this weekend-YUK! I got your e-mail...working out schedules (camps, school, vacay) right now and will get back to you ASAP:)

snekcip said...

Your BLUSTERY, COLD weekend sounds ALOT like ours! We spent the day at the PARK on FRIDAY, and stayed PARKED in the house on SATURDAY!!! It was that cold!!!!

Glad to see Ms Wesleigh is doing great!!

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