Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Wesleigh Jane!!

It's my sweet baby's 2nd birthday today!!
One reason I was so frantic to get to China in January was so we could spend this birthday with her.
She is such a joy and amazes me with everything she learns everyday. Today she started puckering to kiss and says "myaaa" when she gives them. She picked up one of my adoption books that has the picture of a little boy about her age on it. She started kissing the picture! Makes me wonder if he reminds her of a friend she left behind. I know that one of her best friends in the orphanage was a little boy.

Yes, I dressed her up in this JUST to take pictures! I can't for her to wear it is super cute!! You can't really tell in these, but the dress is long and there are matching leggings underneath.

Check out the little feet! How cute is that!!

Cade was chasing her around the living room.

...and showing her the SNOW!! Yes, we have had our 2nd snow day this winter! I think that's a record. So, since Miss W has been home (8 whole days), the Saints won the super bowl and it snowed...AGAIN!! I think we'll be keeping Miss W around ;)

Here's a picture of the snow. This is about all we got, but it was pretty coming down. The boys got out in it for a little while, but not long. It's been raining forever so everything is super soggy and yucky. It's already melted now.

As I type, another great milestone is happening...Wesleigh is napping in her crib in her room!!! Whoo Hoo!! Granted..she doesn't know she's in the crib because she was asleep when I put her in there...but she is ;) Baby steps, I tell you!!
I'm going to try to answer a couple of questions I've been asked while I have a minute (because there's nothing in this house that needs picking up or cleaning ;). I was asked where the pink outfit with the tunic and leggings came from. That was something I bought a good while back from a local boutique. It was on clearance and I couldn't pass it up. It just happens to fit!
I have also been asked about her bows. Alot of her bows, I bought here. She is super fast and has great prices. I've loved everything I've gotten from her. There's also a local girl that makes gorgeous bows that we've been wearing. I can bring outfits to her and she matches bows to them! How great is that?!?! Around here, the bows Wesleigh wears are everywhere. It's just what we southern girls do!
I was also asked if Wesleigh was in foster care. The answer is no. She has been in an orphanage her whole life. I do have to add that she is right on task developmentally. She is doing all the wonderful things a 2 year old is supposed to be able to do! I can tell she was well cared for.
That's all I can think of at the moment. I think I'll work on this disaster area we call a home ;) Wish me luck!!!


DiJo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY "TEA CUP!" I can't think of a better gift than being "snowed in" with all of you! Her smile is contagious!

Enjoy the cake!!!


Anonymous said...

Cade can sing this verse to her: "We love you we do. We love you we do. We love you, dear Wesleigh, we love you we do." Happy Birthday...your blessings are just beginning.
The McGowans

Linda said...

Happy Birthday, precious granddaughter. I love you very much! MawMaw

Shay Ankerich said...

Happy birthday to a very sweet precious little girl! How wonderful to have her home to celebrate!!! Love all her outfits. I know you are having a ball dressing her up each day. Just wanted to let you know we accepted a referral for precious little 30 month old girl with a heart condition and we are so in love! Can't wait to post her pic when we receive PA!!!

carolinagirl said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!!!

The Whitledge Family said...
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The Whitledge Family said...

Happy birthday to that sweet baby girl. I am sitting at work with tears in my eyes thinking about how one day I will have a little girl to call my own. At the moment I am doing mounds and mounds of paperwork and am not sure if that day will ever come. I look at your blog and it gives me hope. I will keep pressing on through this because I know in the end their is a little girl out there that will be perfect for our family. Thanks for keeping us all updated even though we don't know are a bright light for those of us just in the beginning stages!!

Katrina said...

Happy birthday pretty girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Wesleigh!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Wesleigh! Savannah just turned 5 on the 10th! We so much wanted to celebrate with her, but we'll be there in just a few days! Wesleigh seems like such a happy girl. She is precious!

Heather Austin

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday sweet Wesleigh! I am so glad you get to celebrate your special day with your forever family!

Tommorow is my Mia's 2nd birthday too!

Mission To Macie said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl!!!

Can't wait to see y'all next Sunday at CNY!!!


Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Happy birthday to lil Miss Wesleigh!! I'm so happy that y'all get to celebrate this special day with her! God worked everything out for your family! Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your little Wesleigh is beautiful. I have taken so much delight in following your blog. I picked it up from my niece's blog. God has blessed you abundantly and your gratitude is so evident.
I love the bows so much and would like to know where they could be purchased. Is it possible to give a name or phone number. I would appreciate hearing from you.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Happy Birthday sweet princess! Oh how wonderful God made sure that you were home in time to celebrate it with your forever family!

Cori said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet girl!! I know it is a blessing to have her home for this milestone!!

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl : ) My daughter has that same pink dress but in black...I love it!!!!! I hope she has a wonderful birthday...and hoping that she likes the crib : )

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Wesleigh!!! When you are up to having visitors just let us know. Breaux Bridge isn't that far away;)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!! Hope y'all had a wonderful day!! HOORAY for sleeping in your crib:)


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Wesleigh..
love the photos..
so glad that things are going well.
Love her bows and love all her little outfits. .she is tooo cute..
you have done some fast shopping since you didn't have very many clothes

Anonymous said...

Wesleigh shares a birthday w/my 6yr old granddaughter!! Happy Belated Birthday Wesleigh Jane!!!

PS I understand the BOW thing! Here in TX, our little one has TWO PLASTIC CONTAINERS of BOWS!!! Never can get enough of bows! Nothing like a BOW-HEADED little girl!!! LOVE WESLEIGHS OUTFIT!!


Adele said...

Happy Birthday Wesleigh!!! I have so enjoyed your journey to sweet Wesleigh Jane. She is so beautiful! Of course you KNOW I love her big bows and you are's just what southern girls do. It's a rite of passage! LOL!
Hope to see you Sunday at CNY and meet Miss Wesleigh Jane in person. Take care!

The Nethery's said...

Dear Wesleigh Jane,
Happy Birthday to you!!! You are a beautiful little baby, and simply adorable. We sooooo enjoyed meeting you on Thursday. We will never forget Tigger, Pooh Bear or Eeyor. We Think you are precious, and we love your squeeky shoes. Love you saying your sweet words. Dawson thinks you are so sweet too!!

Dawn said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

Alyson and Ford said...

She is so adorable! You are making great progress! Happy Birthday!
(Snow... Brrrr...we have been playing tea time with real hot tea!! Hoping for warmer weather!)
Life is great!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Lindy said...

Love the outfits and her sweet little feet. Such a cute picture of Cade showing her the snow. She is so blessed to have three loving brothers.

It's wonderful that you feel she was well cared for in China. I hope you can learn more about her little orphanage friend some day.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Happy Birthday Big Girl!

I am playing catch-up and just love to see pictures of your little girl!

Dawn Thompson said...

Don't know you- just found this blog. We adopted a little girl from Viet Nam in 2006, and we named her Wesleigh! It's an unusual name and just found it odd that we both have girls adopted from Asian countries named Wesleigh! : )

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