Friday, February 5, 2010

We're Home!

We're Home!!

We might feel like we've been run over by a bus...and there are piles of "stuff" everywhere...but we're home!!

We had a great flight (as good as traveling for over 24 hours can be). Wesleigh only cried a little one time, but we didn't get a whole lot of sleep. She saved all her crying for the car seat on the way home! She HATED it and cried (screamed) the whole way home from New Orleans. Oh well, that's her new reality.

We visited with some family for a little while and showed Miss W around her house. She was so excited when she saw the toys in her room. She absolutely loved each one. Her favorite had to be the 2 plastic teasets. The next would be her baby doll and the little stroller. She's been walking around pushing the stroller all morning.

Sleeping last night was less than ideal. Wesleigh had a rough night. I would say it's because we're in a new place, but she's been sleeping in new places for 2 weeks without any problem. All I know is that at 3:00am Richard and I were having a tea party on the floor of Wesleigh's room. As sweet as it was, all I wanted to do is lay down and pass out. Bryce came in our room at 5:00 and said that he couldn't sleep. I gave Wesleigh to him and sent him in her room to play. I don't think I've ever been happier to see that boy! He brought her back to me at 6:00 and we slept until 8:30. I made myself wake up and also woke her up in the hopes that we can take a normal nap and sleep tonight. I'm counting down the minutes 'till nap time ;)

The biggest event yesterday was that Miss W decided to start going to her daddy all on her own. I guess it's better late than never, but it sure would have helped me on that long flight for her to let him hold her!! Oh well, I'm thrilled that she's doing it now.

I'm sure there's more to say, and who knows if what I typed makes any sense at all. It's the best I can get out right now. I'll post more later!


Denise said...

Thanks for posting, I have been waiting!! I now how exhausted you are, but you are HOME! Expect night time to be hard for awhile, but good idea to wake her up and try to have a normal day as much as you can. I did the same thing, and maggie never seemed to mix up her day and nights. I did sleep in her room in a twin bed for a few month glad you are home. And love the stroller pics! I am going to e mail you my cell number as we will be snowbound for a few days if you want to talk~

Somewhere In The Sun said...

So glad to see the post! I'm glad the flight went well. Those car seats can be a difficult transition but it won't take long for her to get used to it.

You are doing right by waking her up. Olivia and I took a lot of naps and it was so hard to wake up but it's the only way you can get any sleep at night. I don't know what the weather is like there but if you have any sunshine it works great to take her out in it during the day. It helps set your internal clock, or something like that. :)

I'm so tickled that she loves her toys. It's just precious seeing her push her baby in the stroller. I look forward to many more pictures of girly things!


Courtney said...

So happy to hear that your home. Enjoy that nap!

elliotts said...

Welcome home!! Your boys sounds like they have been a huge help! :)

Anonymous said...

A big southern welcome to Miss Wesleigh! You have endured much in the past 6 months with such grace, so know that this is one of your last big hurdles in getting her acclimated to HOME!! She is a blessing as is her new family. Enjoy every moment as you know how time passes so quickly. Thanks for this post as we were wondering if yall made it back safely. My love to all, Lauren McGowan

Gail said...

The re-entry part from China with the jet lag is really hard (at least it was both times for me). It takes a good week to 10 days to feel normal.

Welcome home to your sweet Wesleigh, she is beautiful and is doing awesome. Congrats!!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Wow! This post brings back memories! Lottie screamed for months and months and months in the car seat until I made her attach to a blanket.

I am so thankful you are home safe....I SOOOO remember laying on the floor in Lottie's room watching her play, drifting in and out of! Praying fo rest and strength and endurance!

Christy said...

I am thrilled everything is going well!! A few bumps here and there but overall really good.

Mia was the same way when we left LAX and put her in her car seat for the first time. She screemed the whole drive home-- 45 min. She hated her car seat and it took her a while to get use to it. She still, after almost 3 years, still does not sleep well in her car seat.

Anyway, have fun with Wesleigh. I am just as happy as can be for your family!!


3 Peanuts said...

Oh I am so excite for y'all!!!!

I remember Dave and Will being pretty tired through that 1st weekend home (they got home on a Thursday night--very late). But after that they were okay. Wesleigh looks comfy in her new digs:) I so wish I could be there to help you somehow (take the boys for a nerf gun playdate, bring you food, help do laundry).

I know it is overwhelming in the beginning. Kate had trouble sleeping through the night at home too even though she slept like a champ in China. That is "normal". We never played with her in the middle of the night because we did not want to reward her for waking up or arouse her even more. We would just lay and cuddle with her with the lights out. She figured it out but for her...night is when she did her grieving in the beginning. It was tough but they blossom into the happiest most secure little love-bugs ever!

I am here if you need me for anything! Enjoy this time, it is so special. it is like when you come home form the hospital with a baby only harder because they are mobile.

Lots of love,

Football & Fried Rice said...

WELCOME home! So precious to see your Mom there - I know she has waited for this day for a long time too!

For the first couple of weeks, Mya slept between us in bed, ON TOP of the covers. Weird. The transition seems exhausting, but you will survive! Mya also did NOT like her carseat - we had to ease into that way - that took a few weeks too!

Hope you get rested and have lots of help & support!

Teresa said...

We're thrilled your home safe and sound! We have loved following your journey and will continue to do so:) I'm guessing Gabreilla and Wesleigh are very close in age and they both have three big brothers:) Hope you all sleep a little better tonight:)

Aaron and Erica said...

Home Sweet Home!!!

Wesleigh looks so cute in her little jammies with the stroller...your house will never be the same and it's just wonderful :)

I remember cooking hot dogs for everyone at 3 in the morning our first night home, we were exhausted but starving and could not sleep. Graham crackers and milk became our 3 or 4 am snack for the next few days. Just try to survive the next 2 weeks...that's all you can do. It's soooo hard, but after a couple of weeks you will start feeling a little more normal.

DiJo said...

I am very impressed that you even figured out how to post!!! Welcome home my friend!!!! I am sorry but I had to smile when I heard about "The Tea Cup" hating the car seat... Ruby was beside herself too.. It will get better when she sees how darn cute she is in it!! (Get her a mirror for the back of the seat in front of her if you can!) And, of course I am smiling that the "Tea Cup" loves her Tea Sets!!!!

When you feel human again, we shall connect!!!

So happy that your prayers have been answered, and Miss Wesleigh Jane is toddling around at her new HOME!

Love ya,

DiJo said...

Did Grandma make the world's cutest "Welcome Home" sign!!!?

Congratulations to ALL of you!


The 5 Bickies said...

Welcome Home! You must have been so excited to walk in the door of your home with your daughter! Thank you for allowing us to follow along!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see a post from you so soon!!!!Glad to hear that your flight went well!!! I have to say the pic of Wesleigh is none other than a DOLL PUSHING A DOLL!!!! I know I have probably said it before, but THANK YOU for sharing this wonderful journey!!!


Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Welcome home!!! I hope you can catch up on your sleep soon!!

Anonymous said...

Welcom Home Wesleigh!!! What a privelidge it has been to watch you join your family!

Jennifer - I am just so happy for you guys!! I am so glad to be able to change my prayers to "bonding as a family of 6 at home" from "meeting their daughter in China"!

Blessings to your family, Ashley

Shannon Sauceman said...

Jennifer, I don't know where I have been, but I did not know that yall were adopting. How awesome!! I just saw your Facebook post so I logged in to your blog and read everything about your journey to Wesleigh. I am so happy for yall. She is absolutely adorable!! And I am loving the outfits, bows and shoes. Mommy has great taste. :) Look forward to reading more about her settling in at her new home with her new family. Congratulations!!

Jodee Leader said...

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love a girl in her pj's and squeeky shoes!! May you sleep better soon!! Thinking about you. Hope you got the package that I heard from FedEx was left outside on your front door step!!

carolinagirl said...

Oh Jennifer!!!! I have so been there. The first day home had to be one of the hardest I've ever had. The jet lag alone will KILL you!

Hang in there. It took Emma about 2.5 months to sleep through the night consistantly. I was up many nights for over three hours (I kid you not) begging her basically to go back to sleep.

She still wakes...up at 4:30 yesterday am. I think it really depends on the child. We were not prepared for that.

I am just so thankful y'all made it home safely.

Here's to your new family and your little princess!!! So happy for y'all!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! Be careful with the naps. Make sure you set an alarm or have someone wake you up, or you will sleep for hours. I kept a twin size bed in Chloe's room for the first couple of months we were home, and I slept in her room with her for awhile until she got used to her surrondings. In China she was used to sleeping in a room with us, and in the orphanage she slept with a lot of other children, so she was just scared to be in a room alone I think. I wanted her to get used to sleeping in her own room though, so I slept in there with her. We have been home 7 months now, and she sleeps in her room all by herself with no problems. Good Luck!
Courtney Barnett

Shay Ankerich said...

Bless you all as you get started with your life at home with a precious girl!!! It's just like when you had your boys... sleep when she sleeps and let everything else go. It will all get done in time. So thankful you all made it home safe!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm just proud of Richard for being up at 3 for the tea party :)

Hope you guys can get some rest!!!! So sweet to see a little girl in your house with a stroller! I still have to look twice at Allie some days when I see her doing something because I can't believe I have a little girl in my house.

ww said...

Welcome home! Thanks for posting and sharing a photo of your adorable Wesleigh at home, so fast! Can't wait to see more photos and hear more, once you've all rested and settled in. Blessings, Wendy

Lynne said...

Wishing you all the very best.Now begins the rest of a wonderful life!

Lindy said...

Welcome home! I so enjoyed following your journey. I'm sure you are very proud of what wonderful sons you have.

Wesleigh looks so cute in her "purplicious" pajamas. You might try using a lullaby CD to help her with sleep. Once they are use to it, it signals "sleep" and can be used if they wake up in the middle of the night.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I am so happy that you guys are home.. I'm hoping that things will get easier and easier for you all on adjusting. :)

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