Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just Another Photo Shoot ;)

I love these pictures. We've been stuck inside, for the most part with cold weather, but are trying to make the most of it. She hasn't quite gotten the idea of sitting still while I take the picture, but I thought these turned out cute. She can be quite the ham! Thanks Mrs. Ann for the adorable dress!

Gotta LOVE those lashes!

Everything is good. I'm still adjusting to life with a toddler...again, and she's still adjusting to..well, everything! Sleep hasn't been great but not too bad. She doesn't take a very long nap, so that is a bummer, but we can deal with that. We're going to be more vigilant about not letting anyone else hold her or feed her. This is so uncomfortable for Richard and I to tell people they can't hold her, but we know it's the right thing for her. She needs to be taught what a family is and what boundaries are appropriate. I know it's hard for the grandparents to not scoop her up, but everyone has been very understanding. We just need to make sure we lay the proper foundation for her attachment to us, now, and others, later.

Overall, she seems super happy. We are working on the whining a little bit. Do you think it is possible that she was actually spoiled in the orphanage? I had always heard of children who learned not to cry because nobody would come. Wesleigh seems to be the opposite. She can turn on the waterworks in a heartbeat. For the most part, I am immune to these. Whining won't get you very far with this mommy. The boys, on the other hand, think I'm horrible for letting her cry at all. It's not like I'm letting her cry for extended periods. We're talking about while I put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher! She needs to know that I will meet all of her needs, but that doesn't mean she always gets everything she wants! We seem to be making some progress, so that is good.

The big news of the day is that Diana is leaving for China today!!! I am so excited for her family and can't wait to watch them meet Miss Sienna for the first time. Diana has been such a support and wonderful friend to me throughout this whole process. I am so happy for her! Go check out her blog! Be sure to look down a post to see the link to her adoption website.


Brandi said...

She's absolutely adorable, Jennifer!

My daughter is a whiner too, and has been since the first day. She were told flat-out while visiting the orphanage that she was spoiled rotten in there, carried all the time & got whatever she wanted (and it showed the day we visited). I'm glad she was loved, but it sure gets annoying listening to her whine when she doesn't get her way.

Hope yours grows out of it faster than mine. Kalia has been with us for 10 months now, and it's a LOT better, but still quite noticable. Good luck!

Leah Mei said...

It's interesting you ask if being spoiled in a SWI is possible. My head tells me its not possible, but, (since our girls were in the same SWI and we already know how well cared for they appeared), Leah displays some behaviors that are odd for children that have been in an institution. And yes, she is a big time whiner! She saves her best drama for me in particular. I could leave the room as she is carrying on and she will search for me throughout the house, greeting people along the way all smiles and when she finds me finds a comfortable spot on the floor and whine for me again. It doesn't last long but its only when she is tired and doesn't get her way.


Christy said...

Little miss W is just as beautiful as can be. She is such a pretty little thing and it looks like she is doing awesome. I get the fussy thing. Mia is the same way but 1000% worse. It is horrible but we are attempting to train her out of it. I am soooo looking forward to watching Diana get Sienna. So awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my those lashes!!!! She truly is gorgeous!! I like the unpoised action shots! They are more natural!!!


Deanna said...

LOVE the pics. Adorable. Glad to hear things are going well, for the most part. We pray for her adjustment every day! Love seeing new pics.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love it..
Have a great week..

Terri said...

When we brought home our Abigail it was VERY hard telling people not to pick her up. At first I thought it was really no big deal and then her attachment disorder started to show. As long as she was being held by someone, even a total stranger, she was loving it and also loving them at the time. She wanted nothing to do with us and threw a full out fit when she HAD to come back to us. It was embarrassing ( to be honest) and i hated every second of it! I blogged about Abbie's attachment disorder and when my friends read my post... they understood why it was important not to hold Abbie. Looking back I wish I would of told people sooner about the bonding period.

Just my two cents!

Love all the pictures!

Sammons said...

Love Love Love your blog! You pictures are always so beautiful and your posts are fun and upbeat! We came home from China in late November with our now 14 month old. We traveled with Shaylee's mamma (whom Dianna sponsored and who is best friends with Sienna ~ the girls were next door nieghbors while in foster care) Small world since we live in the same city but did not meet until we were both in China!! Last but not least, I'm doing a sock giveaway on my blog and I just know Wesleigh would be sooo super cute in them. Stop by if you have a second. It ends this Friday. Thanks for sharing your journey with us! Mary

TanyaLea said...

Oh Jennifer,

Thank you for writing about this. Our agency has encouraged us to be strict about visitors and 'rules' of holding, caring for, feeding, changing, etc...during the first 3 months. We've also heard that the first 6 weeks are the most important. But I think it all depends on the age and circumstance for each child. We have already begun telling/preparing our families for this. They wanted to do a shower right after Khloe is home, but we told them the reason we can't, and they have been very understanding and are holding a pre-travels shower in a couple of weeks instead. It's very hard, especially when you are so close to your extended family and certain friends. But it is for the good of our children, and we need to try to make people understand the importance of sticking to these is for the better of the children and our families in the "not-so-long" run. I appreciate reading about someone else who is following through with these guidelines...even with grandparents, as hard as that may be!

We are SOOOOOOO excited to follow Di's family back to China. She is a very special friend and I can't wait to see sweet Sienna in their arms. God is GOOD!!!

LOVE these photos of Wesleigh...she is such a Cutie-Patootie!!...and you're right!~ those long eyelashes are stunning! :)


Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

What a sweet heart!!! I think they can be spoiled in the orphanage, we have been dealing with the same thing with Ava since we has been home. Her brother spoil her so much and she is hardly ever without attention. We just have to say No in certain situations and then listen to the tears and screaming from Miss Ava. :-(

Tricia said...

Ok, we are 3-5 weeks from going to bring home our sweetie. I HAVE to know where you got the hats with the big flowers. You shared the etsy for bows, but where for the flower hats from? I live in Denham Springs. Is it a local shop?
Please help!


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