Sunday, November 23, 2008

What Makes Cade, Cade

He's the clown of the family.

He keeps everyone laughing always.

He always wants to be the center of attention.

He is non-stop. He is in constant motion until his head hits the pillow, and when it does, he's out. By 7:30 every night, he's done, but he's ready to go the next morning.

When I wake him up in the mornings, he lifts his arms and grabs my neck tight before he opens his eyes.

He loves to draw and is very creative.

He loves to make home-made gifts.

He can burp louder than anyone I've ever seen. Grown men are impressed on a regular bases. (Richard constantly makes him do it for them)

He is very proud of this.

He is very much about his image. He's the only one of mine who cares.

His hair has to be perfect before he leaves the house (or he has a cap on).

He thinks he's really cool.

All the kids at school seem to agree with him.

He weighs more than Braden does.

He has always been at least a head taller than the other kids his age (or a year older).

He always plays up a year in sports because of his size. Football is for safety, he would crush the kids his age.

He is a very good athlete.

I think football might be his sport. (makes me very nervous)

(Collin and Cade are best friends. They are in the same class, but Collin is a year older)

When he was 5, he was given the nickname "the Beast" stuck.

He has a high pitched "baby" voice still. (doesn't match his size)

It is hard for him to be affectionate, but he will (if no one is looking).

He is very good in school, but I'm afraid he will struggle more than the others.

He is not shy, he will ask anyone anything.

He is VERY stubborn.

He is very much like me;)

He wants to be surrounded with friends always.

He has grown up much faster than my other boys just because he's the 3rd. He has no trouble keeping up.
He's the roughest boy I have.
He can beat anyone up, but he doesn't.

Bryce has friends who are scared of him :)

He loves that!

Most of the time, he uses his size to protect friends dealing with bullies. He takes up for them.

He is very proud of his muscles. (He has big ones, too!)

He eats anything.

He eats ALOT, much more than me.

He cares very much about what he wears.

He is super sweet, and opens my car door for me often.

He loves Mexican food, just like me.

He used to want everything in its' place always, not so much now.

He sleeps downstairs in Chinababy's room even though he has the most awesome bunkbeds upstairs.

Because it's Chinababy's room, he sleeps on pink ruffled sheets. (I have wanted to take a picture so many times, but he would be SO upset with me so I haven't had the nerve.)

He will watch "baby" shows sometimes and say it's because he has to be ready for when Chinababy comes.

He is loud.

You can still see the baby in his face sometimes.

He is such a joy, I can't imagine our family without him.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

What a sweet post and precious boy! Love it!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a beautiful post for your handsome little guy!!

Love that last picture!!

Hope you had a good weekend!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE this post..
Have a Great Week...

mommy24treasures said...

beautiful.... Yo uwill be so glad you tookk the time to do this one day:)
Congrats on the job hope you like it.

sara said...

I love hearing your heart for your son! Don't you just love them? Mine went camping this weekend for 24 hours & I missed their noise..I am not even close to being ready for 2 weeks!!

Carey said...

Love how you write about your boys. Your love for them and your closeness to them shines through!

Anonymous said...

So sweet and can I just say, when I taught school, Cade was the kind of boy I fell in love with and petted all year!!! He is just a doll and I can see the love in that picture of you two! Hope you have a very thankful week!!!

Monica @ Writer Chic said...


ADELE said...

Oh how precious! I can tell that I would really love to be around Cade. Sounds like my type of kid. Love that he is funny and likes to burp loud. That just cracks me up! I know that your house is always filled with love and fun with your sons. What a precious gift from God.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

cougchick said...

love this post! He sounds a lot like my #3

Mission To Macie said...

What a cool kid!

That was very sweet!

He would fit in great around here with my 3 day we will have to get them all together!


Jill :)

Felicia said...

Well Cade is just the coolest young man. Love this post.

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