Monday, November 10, 2008

So Fun

Rachel has been my best friend since high school. We have been through so much together, both good and bad. She has three kids the same ages as mine, but her oldest is a girl. I have posted pictures of all the kids before, but don't have any new ones from yesterday. I can say, that at one point in the day, they were all 6 completely covered in mud: don't ask. I'm just glad I wasn't the one here to deal with it :)

While the sitter was dealing with muddy kids, Rachel and I and the husbands were enjoying the perfect weather and atmosphere at Tiger Stadium. The game didn't end how we would have liked, but that's ok. We had a great day anyway!

How do you like my "grizzly" husband? He was hunting in Kansas all last week, so he wanted to look the part. He shaved it this morning because I couldn't stand it ;)

The stadium was packed until the last minute. Can I tell you that we RAN out of there the second the game was over! We were out of breath when we got all the way to the car, but it was well worth it. We were home 30 minutes after the game ended. I am quite sure there were people who sat in traffic for longer than an hour trying to get out of there.

The band honored our veterans with their half-time show. It was awesome!

Bryce's jr. high had a Veteran's day program Friday. The band plays during the program. They did awesome! I took pictures, but they're awful. Any tips from anyone about taking pictures in a gym?

Cade is in a Veteran's Day program Tuesday. I can't wait!


Baseballs and Tutu's said...

Those are great pics of you all at the game!!!

You know I can't remember the last time I took pics in a gym but seems whenever it was they didn't come out either so if you hear any tips let me know :)

day by day said...

How fun! Looks like you had a great time! The sitter must have had her hands full. : ) I think it is wonderful that you and your best friend have kids the same ages...I am sure they are all very close to each other!

I would have been running out of there, avoid the traffic jam. : )

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the pictures..
Looks like you had lots of fun..
Have a Great Week..
Hugs girly..

Sherri said...

I'm amazed at how quickly they can empty those stadiums. That's great that you were back in 30 minutes!

It's so nice to see old friends, isn't it?


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Sounds like a fun afternoon....cute pictures!!

You must have flown to get out of there....30 minutes, that has to be a record!! Sitting in that kind of traffic is the worst!

Have a great week!


Sharon said...

So glad you ahd a great time! I still get together with my high school best friend as often as I can.

I hope you will come get these awards on my blog missy!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

These are all great pictures! It is so great that you and your friend have so much in common. I love to go to football games!

sara said...

Cute pictures! I love the one of you & your friend - couldn't help but notice her darling purple and yellow bracelet!!

Oatsvall Team said...

love childhood friends !!!! your pictures are so cute and you and your hubby are adorable !!!

thanks for always checking in on me it really does mean alot !!!

DiJo said...

Hey Girl!
THANKS for the blog award! I just did a post on it!

It looks like you had the perfect day for your game. Sorry about the score!

Veteran's Day celebration at Ainsley's school tomorrow too!


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Love the pictures! Sounds like you guys had lots of fun. And the sitter probably had lots of fun too.. haha..

Keisha said...

Great pics & What a sweet friendship!
Love your shirt!

OH MY #6 said...

looks like great fun!


cougchick said...

gym pictures. try turning the flash off. Sometimes that will help.

the game looked like a great time. Go Tigers! (I need to root for someone other than my heartbreakin' Cougs).

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