Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Makes Bryce, Bryce

I have been thinking alot lately about my boys and how unique each of them is. Anyone who has more than one child, I'm sure, has been amazed at how different children who have the same parents and live in the same house can be. I thought I would highlight each of my boys and document what makes each of them a unique, special, gift from God.

Here are some things I love about Bryce:

He LOVES Leg0s.

He loves to play by himself. He still makes different sound effects for cars, planes, star w*rs figures, etc.

He loves Indiana J0nes and Star w*rs. He has about 5 light sabers.

He is almost always kind to his brothers.

He is messy. I don't really love this about him, but it is who he is (and he gets it from me). This is what his room looked like this morning. In all fairness, I should post a picture of my closet - but that's not going to happen =) (I did make him clean it up). Do you see the huge n*rf gun box. He has been saving up his own money to buy this gun. It is the mother of all nerf guns!! He is so proud because now everyone wants to be on his team=)

Messy and leg0s (the two kind of go together if they're trying to keep what they made)

He is really good at the French horn.

He's quiet and calm. (doesn't get that from me!)

He is very good in school. He's much more responsible than I thought he would be in Jr. High.

He LOVES science.

He wants to be a special effects person for the movie industry.

He is compasionate.

He is a really good friend. He doesn't have alot of close friends, but everyone seems to know and like him.

He is very silly sometimes.

He doesn't care one thing about how he looks. If I didn't fix his hair, he would go to school with it standing on his head.

He thinks having to wear shorts that actually have a zipper is punishment. He would live in athletic shorts if I let him. Same with a collared shirt.

He will go play with my neighbor's 3 year old to keep him out of her hair (and he really enjoys it).

This same neighbor has a 12 year old girl, and he could care less about impressing her.

He's not interrested in girls yet.

He thinks he's hot stuff having a cell phone even though the only people he talks to are me and his PawPaw.

He still gets happy me*ls for the toys. (even though the others don't)

He doesn't really care for french fries.

He looks just like my brother. Same build and everything.

He LOVES to read, and reads alot. His favorites are spy books or old war stories.

I looked this up here and thought I'd add it.

At 12 years and 1 months:
your child is 94 pounds, and that is at the 57th percentile for weight.
your child is 60.5 inches, and that is at the 69th percentile for height.

The same site predicts that all of my boys will be 5'11". It will be fun to see how close to that they are.


sara said...

I love the legos & cottonballs together!! What a sweet soul you have for a son! I am thankful that God has blessed you with him!!

sheryl said...

What a special and handsome young man! I can see the sweetness in his eyes. I love how this post celebrates everything that is Bryce. He truly is a blessing.


redmaryjanes said...

I can so relate to this post as my Tyler is 12 and shares so many of those characteristics.
They are beautiful...our boys. We are very blessed.

Sherri said...

He sounds soooo much like my Cameron. Legos, playing with children, all of it. He sounds like a very sweet boy. He's so handsome, too!

Middle school.....girls.......I think maybe the 12 year old sister MIGHT have more to do with it than you realize.....but just keep telling yourself he's not interested, that's okay. :)

I thought his room looked clean.
That's MY ministry--I have people over to my house and they leave feeling so much better about THEIR houses!


Christy said...

He sounds like a great young man!! I love that he is not interested in girls yet-- good for him-- and I love that he still gets the happy meal toys. He reminds me of my oldest a little bit-- still makes the car sound effects, loves happy meal toys etc. Very cute!!!

Christy :)

Walker said...

Such a handsome young man... ;)

Don'tcha just love stepping on those little LEGOs? LOL! I've been known to suck a few up in the vaccum too... By accident of course! LOL!

Dawn said...

I love all the things you love about Bryce....what a great boy.

They say my boys are all going to be 5'11" you think they tell all the boys that??? hehe

Linda said...

How blessed am I to have Bryce as a grandson! Smart, kind, sensitive...and SO much more!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a sweet boy....Bryce sounds a lot like my Nick....he loves Legos and has a very similar personality!

Your children are all so beautiful....what a blessing!


Carla said...

I did the height predictors for my son who is 15, 6'4", and weighs 240 pounds (he is a football player)....I am SO curious as to when he will stop growing taller!!!! He registered off the charts and it could not predict it...Oh well!!! :)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE this post..
He is a very handsome young man..
And you are sooo right about how different kids can be....
Have a Great Week.
Stop by and sign the petition..

Carey said...

What a neat idea to have a post like this for each of your boys. I've often marvelled at the differences in my girls, but I didn't want to compare them. This is a neat way to show what individuals each child is.

ADELE said...

I loved reading this and getting to know a little about your son. Bryce is a handsome young man! I hope to meet your children one day.
On a side note....Mallory was given the letter "O" yesterday and had to bring something today to preschool that started with the letter "O". She took that sweet owl that you gave her and I thought of you when we put it in her back pack this morning. :)

mommy24treasures said...

such a special post about your son. I can't wait to read each one!

Anonymous said...

Just the sweetest post! Your son seems so wonderful and normal. What a blessing to be his mom. And how blessed he is to have you as his mom!!!

cougchick said...

What a beautiful post.

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