Monday, September 22, 2008

National Stay At Home Week

OK, is it awful that I am secretly thrilled that a new TV season is starting?! One network has declared this week "National Stay at Home Week". I think that is hysterical. Staying at home won't be happening as Braden and Cade have football practice Mon., Wed., and Fri. Bryce plays in the band at a football game Wed. and we have a baseball game on Tues. You can be sure, though, that my DVR is already set to record all my favorite shows!

Have a great week!! I'm starting mine with a trip to my favorite place: W*lmart. Pray for me!!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Have fun...
I don't know of any of us who could stay at home..
We are just all way tooo busy..
Have a Great Week..
I always have my DVR set...
It saves me..

Anonymous said...

That won't be happening here either- we are gone most every night although with Amelia driving- that does help so much! I am so excited about all the new shows- if I can due to Monday night football :0. Actually I LOVE watching football with Scotty so whatever... is House on tonight? I need to check the listings to see what and when... Hope you have a great day!!!iitbpw

Christy said...

Same with us-- there is no way to stay at home- not with soccer and all the other stuff but I have my DVR ready to go and it has all the new programs ready to record!!!

Anything cool you are going to start watching? I have all my usuals but I want to start getting into something different and I have not chose which ones yet. Any suggestions??

Christy :)

Steffie B. said...

You are too funny....stay at home week??? I think I'd kill myself! lol Make sure you share with us how much you purchased today! *wink*

amy said...

excited about the week as well! I wont be home much but looking forward to some old shows coming back

sara said...

Stay at Home week thrills me too! I would love to do it - but I'm with you, it's football season! And I am heading out to target right now..I guess we already missed the mark. Maybe it only meant during prime time television..oh well, we can't make that either!

Mission To Macie said...

what do you watch??

i have no idea what to watch anymore.......besides sports and spongebob.......LOL... in this house full of boys!

p.s. go checkout my blog and see who i got to see!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Stay at home week...that sounds great...but not happening!!

I am happy for the new season to start too....Have fun at W*lmart!!


Anonymous said...

I agree. Cross Country, Swim Meet, Basketball practice, Academic game, Awanas, laundry, groceries, etc. "Stay At Home Week," how about a "Stay at Home Night?" Melissa

Anonymous said...

I am so excited the new season is here at last! Hoping for some great shows.

I think I am too late to pray for your trip to Wa*mart :)

Walker said...

Oh, i know whatcha mean about practice 3x's a week. It's a killer on my gas tank!

Felicia said...

Have a great week. Sounds like you're going to be busy with football practice. Good luck at Walmart.

Deanna said...

I'm there too! My dvr is set!!

Denise C said...

OH yes...I am right there with ya, friend!!! Life is busy for us now too...actually life is ALWAYS busy for us! But..we love our DVR's in this house...all 3 of us have separate that we can dvr our favs and not conflict with one another! hee-hee!!!
Chelsi and I both watched "D*ancing with the *'s was great!
IT is on again tomorrow! 3 nights in a row...but we missed last night and we'll miss tomorrow as we have church.
But you can bet the DVR will be humming as it records all of it for us!
Have a great week....I hope you all are back to normal after the two hurricanes that touched your lives.
I have you all on my prayer list...and continue to pray for your family each day!

sheryl said...

Thank goodness for DVR!!! I love the idea of Stay At Home week, but for those of us with kids, it's just not possible. I am on the go Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sat for cheerleading, gymnastics, cross country, etc. Most nights, I don't even know how to fit dinner in, much less TV! :)


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