Monday, August 18, 2008

Redneck Country Club

I'm telling you - they should have never let us in! We live on a beautiful golf course, but somehow, we don't always fit right in. Here is what my boys (especially the big one) think the upstairs balcony is for:

"So, what are they shooting at?" you might ask. This wonderful-looking thing in the backyard:

You know, bow season is right around the corner... Yipee...Can you hear the excitement in my voice?
Actually, I don't really mind the target practice. I did mind, however, when that fake deer was set up in the middle of the backyard, head and all. I don't really care to see that from the windows of my house, and I don't really want all the golfers to see it either. (We're closet rednecks - at least I am!) Richard, on the other hand, gives new meaning to the phrase, "Country come to town"!

I need to take a picture of Braden shooting his bow. He is so cute. He is the scrawniest thing, but he is trying really hard to get stronger so he can pull the bow back the way he needs to. I walked in my bedroom the other day and found him on the floor using Richard's push up thingys(?) So cute!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Okay.. I am laughing my butt off.. That sounds like something these boys would do..
Love it..
Have a Great Week..

MississippiZen said...

Closet rednecks ... now that is funny :) too funny :)

at least the deer is in the backyard lol!

sheryl said...

LOL You are too funny!!! I love the term "closet redneck" too, I will definitely be borrowing that one. ;) I also live in an area where big city meets the country. It takes all kinds . . .


Sherri said...

It is SOOOOOO hard to pull back a bow. I never had the upper body strength to do it. That's great that he is working on it in anticipation of bow season.

Just wait until they GET a deer and the skin is all hanging up there on that balcony. haha


Life With All Boys said...

That is exactly what our deck is used for! My husband even told the neighbor "better keep your dog out of my yard." He was joking, but I'm not sure they got his redneck humor.

Chris and Deb said... are too funny!

Walker said...

lol!! Your husband & mine would get along just fine.. TEE HEE!!
I love it!

redmaryjanes said...

Well girl, we'd be perfect neighbors...but we decided that a long time ago.
We still are enjoying summer. School doesn't start for a couple of more weeks.

Cyndi said...

I thought we were the only ones with a target shaped like a dear in our back yard. I am always telling Mikee and Brady the club is going to kick us out. I do get a kick seeing the golfers go by and take a double look.

Anonymous said...

Oh this made me laugh. I relate! Its the classic mother of boys post!

sara said...

Seriously. Life as the Queen is tough sometimes, isn't it?

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