Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Piece of Our Story Found

Years ago, when Bryce was about 5, Braden was around 3, and Cade would have been about 6 months old, I heard a Dr. Dobson radio interview with Steven Curtis Champan. They had just adopted Shoaey, and were talking about the orphans in China. I was so moved by that interview that I knew, one day, I would adopt. Richard never heard that interview, but heard me relay it through tears. He agreed - one day we will adopt. Needless to say, with 3 young boys, I had my hands full, so it would be years later when we would start that process. I have always remembered that interview, and have tried in the past to find it on the archives, but that was back in the cassette tape days. I was unable to locate it.

Since the Maria Chapman tragedy, I check in with the SCC blog to see what is coming up and get little tid-bits of info. Guess what it had on there today? This link to that very first interview that stirred my heart so many years ago! They replayed it on Friday's show. I sat at the computer and cried all over again as I listened to Steven talk about those babies. I couldn't order it fast enough. That interview is the first piece of our adoption story. I can't wait to get it! Mon., Tues., and Wed.'s broadcast on Dr. Dobson's show will be a brand new interview with Steven. I went ahead and ordered those too, and I can't wait to get them. I am so sad that these interviews are because of Maria's death, but I know they will touch so many people.

**Cade just made me sit down and watch the Back*ardigans with him. He is the only kid here, so he can watch the "baby" shows without anyone saying anything. Of course, he blames it on Chinababy;) He says he has to get used to them again for when Chinababy comes. I really miss those cute little innocent shows. I'm so sick of Ha**ah Mon*ana and Z*ch and C*dy I could scream!


mommy24treasures said...

how neat Jennifer!
I love to hear them speak about adoption too. How special that they inspired you.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love this post...
My kids will still watch Disney movies.. But I know they will watch all those little kids shows when Izzy gets here..
It is sooo cute that he calls her chinababy...
Have a Great Weekend..

3 Peanuts said...

Aww. I got chills reading this. I need to go hear that interview. How cute that Cade watched the lil kid shows:) Harry does that too when Will isn't around.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Jennifer,

Not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but it is great!

You have such a beautiful your blog title!

Thanks for sharing this is very touching and very sad under the circumstances.

I love that Cade watched the B...yardigans! I have a son who is 10 and we adopted a little girl here in the US while waiting for our china baby, she is approaching 2. I often find my son watching her shows after she has gone to bed!

Have a great weekend and I will be coming back to check in!


OH MY #6 said...

fantastic post!



Jennifer, thank you so very much for your sweet comment. You are so right!! Now that I have my baby, being sick or out of commission isn't an option. I love that you want to use SCC interview for the beginning of your adoption story. I saw one too, I will check the blog to see if it is the same one that my husband and I saw. We watched without saying a word. I boohooed and I saw tears streaming down David's face. When it was over, we simultaneously looked at each other and we said "Let's do it." We knew that our daughter was somewhere in China and we signed up that very day!!! It's neat to think that so many others began the very same way. Oh yeah, I love that Cade is "watching the baby shows" to prepare for the new baby. How cute!!!
Thanks again for your kind words,

Mission To Macie said...

awesome story! wouldn't it be neat to know how many China babies came to their forever families because of SCC?

Z@ck and C)dy drive me nutzzzzz!
I cannot stand that

Jill :)

redmaryjanes said...

I think it's so cool that you were able to meet Kim and the Peanuts. You both are ladies I would love to meet.
I have the kiddie shows with Eli and Z & C and HM with Tyler.
So, I get them both : )
I saw the SCC interview on GMA and balled the entire time. They are a very moving family.

Felicia said...

Came across your blog. Your boys are so cute. What a sweet post.

Walker said...

Girl... I had to come back and leave a Thank you comment! I went and listened to the one with the interview after the death of their baby girl... Such strength... WOW. I was just BLessed by hearing it!! They are such a special family!
Thanks for posting about this and your story of adoption! Gave me chills!
love, Keisha

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