Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mama Bear is AWAKE!!

Yes, it's true, Mama Bear has awoken from her hibernation. Friday, Bryce came home with a D on his report card in Science, of all things. If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you know that Bryce is a science fanatic. He goes to space camp every summer. His favorite TV show is Mythbusters. He scored the second highest score on his standardized test in science. He is also in the science club at school. Not to mention, he had a B on his progress report only 4 weeks ago! I say all of this to say, there is no way he deserved a D in science. My first reaction was to get mad at him. Then I remembered that the teachers in that class have been on a revolving door. The "real" teacher never came back after having a baby in the summer. So I redirected my anger at the school. I emailed the principal and requested a conference. I was not ugly, but it was close. I cried all weekend because I thought they would kick him out of the science club and knew that he would be devastated.

Monday morning came, and though I was calmer and more rational, I was still very worked up. I called the school to again request a conference. When I told them what the problem was they said they had already assigned a teacher to help the principal figure out what the problems were. So this tells me that the teacher screwed up lots of grades. Thank God! They called Bryce out of class yesterday and asked him for a specific paper he had written on an element. They wanted to check the grade. I am so proud that he knew exactly where it was and while he was looking for it, he told the principal all about his element, and what it did. When he showed them the paper, his grade was a 93%. He heard them say that it was written as a 56%. Are you kidding me?!? How in the world does that happen? We were so happy, we just had to go to Sonic and get a shake. We haven't received the final "verdict", but I can't wait.

I also spent the morning emailing my school board councilman and the superintendent. I am very frustrated with the number of students in our schools, and wanted to know what was going to be done about that. I am not content to sit back and complain about it. So looks like I am going to add school board meetings to my schedule. Whoo Hoo!!!

Other than that, I have been around the house waiting for workers to show up to fix some of the little things wrong with the house. I still don't have mantles hung, but at least all the outlets work now. I also had the pleasure of getting two teeth filled this morning at the dentist. That is always a joy!

I haven't forgotten about the other pictures of the house I was supposed to post. I'll start working on that very soon.

So the verdict on the swimsuit? Maybe I'll try it on, but like most of you, I don't think it will be the most flattering look on cellulite legs!! I guess I could just sit like she is in the picture the whole time! Yeah, right! And, sorry, but I'll be keeping the scale, thank you very much. Any of you are more than welcome to come and use it!

Hope you're having a great week!!


Kimber said...

These school sitatuons can be SO frustrating. it is wonderful that he had the paper to prove the grade. I usually keep all the kids graded work in a folder until report card time for this very reason but some certainly slip through the cracks.

I hope it all works out well. Science is my oldest sons favorite subject too and he excels at it.

mommy24treasures said...

oh I am just so sorry you had to go over a hundred scenaerios in your minid all weekend...I know how our brains work. That is just such wonderful news that he had a 93!!!! Wonderful.

Dawn said...

Good for you staying on top of things. No one knows Bryce better than you, you are his biggest and only advocate, Go Mama Go!! How proud you must have been for him to have the paper and KNOW whete it was, big feat in one of my boy's lives :)

Hope it all gets cleared up and then some :)

Cyndi said...

We have to speak up and you are doing the right thing. I had a very hard year last year in 2nd grade with a teacher who was new teaching and she had no kids and was in her late 40s talk about hard to deal with!!!! Keep us bosted on how it works out.

crazylady said...

grrr... that is the type of thing that would scar me as a Type A super overachieving child. One guidance counsellor once told me I had 'plateaued' at grade 10 and might not get into university.
Two degrees and a Degree with Highest Distinction (In BioChem)later, what do they KNOW. You keep your eyes on them!!!!!

Mission to Macie said...

Don't mess with a Mama BEAR!

You go get'um!

Jill :)

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