Monday, December 30, 2013

The Messengers

For 50 years, this local family has set up a huge light display at their house over the holidays.  I remember going to the Messengers when I was a little girl.  They add a new display every year, and some have been around for decades.  It has been so much fun to bring my kiddos every year.  Sadly, this was the last year this family will be creating this display.  We didn't make it until after Christmas, but we couldn't let the year pass without seeing this house one more time.

December 2013-5699

The frozen "north pole"
  December 2013-5700

December 2013-5701

December 2013-5702

How cute are these two? Braden and Karleigh have been alot of fun to hang out with this holiday. December 2013-5704

December 2013-5706

Taken in front of the display made the year they were born. December 2013-5708 December 2013-5709

December 2013-5711

From the year I was born
 : December 2013-5712

 Much to Cade's dismay, I made he and KiKi pose for a picture. They're adorable though :) December 2013-5713

The big girls always love the little girls and the little girls always love the bigs! December 2013-5717

This post is the last of our holiday celebration...thank goodness!  I am so determined to document everything here (if I don't, I'll never remember half of it!), but sometimes it seems like a chore.  I am determined to start printing blog books from each year.  It will all be worth it, when I can see years of memories saved forever.

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Martha Berry said...

I love that nativity tree, so awesome.

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