Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Morning

My girls did not disappoint in the excitement department Christmas morning!  I love these shots of their hands in the air and their hair flying everywhere.  Can you just hear Gracie's squeals?  They're LOUD!

Gracie goes straight for the princess dresses :)

And Wesleigh checks out the American Girl dolls :)

 Santa did things a little different this year. He wrapped the boys' gifts.  This allowed us to watch the girls look at their presents and then focus on the boys, when they opened theirs. I think it worked alot better!

 Bryce got a laptop for college.

 Braden got a dehydrator to make deer jerkey :) lol... yep...he's a country boy!!

 A velocity gun for Cade so we can see just how fast "the beast" really throws :)

 The girls opened gifts from each boy.  They loved it!  They were very sweet about everything and gave lots of hugs and kisses.

 Perfect for Bryce's aeronautical engineering major :)

 Amazing enough, the dolls were dressed in the same pajamas that our elf, Ethan, brought the girls the day before :)  That Santa is amazing!  I didn't get a pic of them all in their matching pj's though :)

 Gracie named her baby "Gracie".  Wesleigh named hers "Ainsley".


Paige said...

So funny, Madeline named hers Madeline!!! Love all the pics and that elf is too smart to have brought matching pj's!!!

Leggio said...

Love these. In April some little sweetie is getting a bitty baby for her bday and hopefully lunch at the special place. You and the girls should come. :)

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