Saturday, January 26, 2013


While I was attending a tea party today, I asked the girls if I could video them reading me a book.  It ended up being one of the cutest videos I have :)  Wesleigh's is a little long, but here it is, in case you want to watch:

Gracie ended up reading me the same story. It was funny to see the differences between the two of them :) Gracie's got cut in 2 because I ran out of room on my phone!


Lori said...

Those two crack me up!!! I Love the way they both turn the book around to show everyone the pictures! Oh, the way Wesleigh gave Gracie the "look" when Gracie started banging the toys together...too funny!!
Looks like a fun tea party and book reading afternoon!


Stacy said...

You just reminded me that I don't video my kids! I did this DAILY with Wesley and Trey.
Those two are so adorable and you are one blessed Mama. I love seeing how completely opposite they are- such a hoot!
Miss you all!!

DiJo said...

The CRACK me up!!!!!!!!! You are inspiring to get these crazies over here on video!!!!!!! Pictures just don't do it!


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