Monday, January 21, 2013


Well...true to S.Louisiana form, our weather has taken a 180 degree turn...and I am NOT complaining!  We went from 2 of the most miserable rainy, cold weeks to feeling like spring.  It is amazing.  As I type right now, I am sitting outside, soaking up some much needed vitamin D while watching the girls ride their trikes.  We had the same day yesterday so I followed them around with my camera for a while.  Here are some of my captures:

Jan 2013-2767cwf

Jan 2013-2771cwf

Jan 2013-2775cwf Jan 2013-2785cwf

Jan 2013-2819cwf

Jan 2013-2822cwf

Jan 2013-2831cwf

Thanks for your excitement about my upcoming trip to China!  I just can't get over that it is actually going to happen!  April is turning out to be quite a month as the girls were just asked to be flower girls in my cousin's wedding!  To say they are a little excited, would be an understatement!  I brought out our wedding photos to show them and they were beside themselves.  Wesleigh stared at one of my bridal portraits and said, "Mom, you look just like Cinderella!  Do you have on glass slippers?"  I can't even tell you how happy that made me.  I think it's probably every girls' dream (either conscious or unconscious) is  to look like Cinderella.  She kept looking at everyone and saying.  "He looks a little...different".  Yep...she's right...we were all almost 20 years younger!!!  It's amazing how time flies!!

I do have to admit, my first response to being asked was sheer panic!  Surely, they hadn't read the last post about someone TP'ing the bathroom at preschool!!!  Hoping the performance at the wedding will be a little less post-worthy.  :)


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I have been in so many weddings, it's ridiculous. So I have an endless supply of unsolicited advice for folks.

My children in weddings walking down the aisle tip is to have a treat in the groom's pocket. A jelly bean or lolly pop or small toy. And make sure the girls know that they are to walk to him to get their treat and then let them sit with you instead of stand up the entire time. You're a lot less likely to have baskets of rose petals being tossed about if they are comfortable and sitting down with you. :)


jodymcnatt said...

love the pictures, jen! you captured the girls beautifully. and seriously, i cannot even imagine that weather right now. i think it's -11 in minnesota right now. uugh! p.s. i have a cinderella costume -- from a few halloweens ago -- you are more than welcome to borrow!

Paula said...

Longing for that kind of weather at the moment. With the windchill yesterday morning, it was -31 degrees celcius here! Yuck! Your girls will make spectacular flower girls!!! Can't wait to see the photos. Gracie appears to love being in the spotlight so she'll be just fine. She'll be too occupied to have time to TP the bathrooms with toilet paper. LOL. They'll have a ball! As for going to China to love on the Bamboo!!! I am so looking forward to following you and Diana on that trip! And like you said, with your focus being solely on those babies, it makes for a whole different perspective. I am so excited for you!

snekcip said...

We went from MISERABLE COLD and WET DAYS to SUNNY and BALMY days in a matter of a few days! Gotta love Southeast TX and it's wacky weather patterns!!

Bre is also in my niece's wedding in August along with several other 5yr old cousins! We are ALL EXCITED! I think she will do wonderfully. Just wait...Gracie will too!

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