Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yikes...has it been that long???

Sorry about disappearing like I have!  I could give you all sorts of good reasons (and they'd all be true), but the real story is that I've become addicted to Downton Abbey!!!  I had been hearing everyone talk about it, but really didn't think much of it until a good friend of mine told me I had to watch.  I will admit that I have been stuck to the ipad any minute I can watching the past seasons!  I'm going to be so sad when I'm catch up!!!

I have, of course, been busy with baseball, basketball, laundry, blah...blah....blah....  Cade is almost finished with basketball, and I'm so mad I didn't bring my camera to the game last week.  The 7th grade game was amazing and we won it in the last second of overtime!  The game was in this very old gym with windows and dark wood.  They would have been the only decent basketball pics I could have taken all year.  UGH!!

I have actually been blogging, just not here.  We have some friends who are in China now getting the most adorable little boy!  You can take a peek here if you'd like :)

So...if you know where I live, you know we're in the middle of Mardi Gras.  We did attend our local parade Saturday that Bryce marched in.

These pics look almost exactly like my Christmas parade pics :)  In fact, the weather was perfect, just like it was at the last one :) You would never guess it's February!

Here are a few:








I love this one of Wesleigh and her daddy :)


 Gotta love always having multiple teenage boys around :) Feb2013-3078


DiJo said...

I think I am the only loser who has no idea what Downtown Abbey is about.. Perhaps this will be a good thing for me to pass the time away watching in COACH!!!!

How many more days?

Love ya,

snekcip said...

I'm getting in line w/Diane, because I have NO IDEA what DOWNTOWN ABBEY was. I actually thought it was a "shopping district" in your hometown that you like to shop at! Okay, I think I'm getting IN FRONT of DIANE for that "thought". *sighhhhhh*

Good to see you and the family back. Good to take a breather sometime!

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