Friday, April 27, 2012

What's a Sister to Do??

Weekends around here are, more times than not, spent at the ballpark.  I think the weekend after Wesleigh came home, she was out at the ballpark, so this is nothing new to her.  Gracie started her days at the football field, and if I didn't know any better, I would swear she spent her time watching ESPN with her foster dad.  She actually loves to watch the game (well...for as long as Gracie ever sits still to do anything :) and cheers when the ball is hit.

They are so good out there!  We have toys that they can only play with at the ballpark so they are always excited to start pulling from their bag.  I pack everything but the kitchen sink and a potty.  In fact, I use the stroller to haul it all in...not for a child!  Here's a peek at the life of a tournament ball sister:

April 2012-7084cwf

So funny!
April 2012-7090cwf

April 2012-7116cwf

April 2012-7118cwf

Braden was a spectator with us this weekend.
April 2012-7124cwf

Color wonder markers are my best friend!
April 2012-7129cwf

I use this stroller to carry all the "stuff" into the ballpark.  It was so bright though that it offered some good shade for their movies.  Gracie is inside watching a DVD and Wesleigh is on my Kindle.
April 2012-7165cwf

Yes! She will be in gymnastics in the fall!!
  April 2012-7167cwf

 Yay for a sister who showed up and let the girls decorate her with stickers! April 2012-7198cwf

April 2012-7204cwf

I just thought this was funny.  They look like birds on a wire :)
April 2012-7244cwf

Only problem with the adorable sister is that she's in the 7th grade like my girl-crazy Braden :) Our little corner became the 7th grade hangout. April 2012-7247cwf

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Little Artists

The preschool that the girls attend has an art show every spring.  We attended Braden and Cade's many years ago, and were thrilled to go with the girls this year.  The teachers choose 3 pieces of artwork from each child throughout the year and they are hung throughout the school.  Also, each class took a children's illustrator to focus on and had artwork based on that illustrator.  I wish I had taken pics of other artwork because it was amazing, but it was pretty crowded and I was busy trying to keep up with my two.  Here are the proud artists showing off their artwork:

Our illustrator was Leo Leonni. April 2012-7313

April 2012-7314

April 2012-7315

April 2012-7316

April 2012-7317blog

April 2012-7319blog

I love all the different mediums that were used!
April 2012-7321blog

April 2012-7320blog

April 2012-7323blog

April 2012-7322blog

April 2012-7330blog

April 2012-7328blog

April 2012-7327blog

April 2012-7326blog April 2012-7324blog

April 2012-7325blog

April 2012-7331blog

April 2012-7332blog

I have a piece of art that Cade brought home yesterday that is amazing!!  I can't wait to frame it and will share that too.  I am so bad at getting things up on my wall, but I am determined to change that!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Day With My Boy

Bryce and I were able to get away to New Orleans for Navy week on Saturday!  I was super excited to spend the day with one of my children who doesn't need me to escort them to the potty :)  Love my girls....but, you know....  It seems that Bryce and I don't get to spend alot of time together, so I was happy to be with him.  There is a year-long celebration going on celebrating the 100th anniversary of the war of 1812.  With this, the Navy brought in lots of ships and opened them up for tours.  The Navy and ships isn't exactly my thing, but it's always fun to participate in things your children have interests in.  We were supposed to finish the day with a Blue Angels show, but the weather forced them to cancel :(

This was a ship we toured that is an active ship.
April 2012-6966cwfApril 2012-6970cwf

 Bryce in front of some of the wooden ships they brought in. April 2012-6989cwf

 My favorite, and I think Bryce's too, was the air craft carrier. They had set up all kinds of military vehicles to go through. Bryce would really like to fly one of these one day. April 2012-7000cwf April 2012-7003cwf April 2012-7008cwf

Love this boy.  He makes me so proud.
April 2012-7015cwf

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Three Goofballs

These three are inseparable.  They go to school together and also play ball together.  Braden and Cole (center) have been best buds for years now.  Jared came along last year when they started playing ball together.  I love these boys.  They are all girl-crazy and always have some sort of drama going on.  They harass each other constantly, but would fight for each other in a heartbeat.

April 2012-6941

My two extra boys spend about 3 afternoons here each week between school and ball practice.  I have started feeding them dinner when they get home from school because they are so hungry.  Boy can they eat!  Between these 3 and my other 2 boys, I am cooking a TON of food!  It's fun though, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Here's where they ended up during spring break :)  Our own little red-neck riviera!!
April 2012-6946

Monday, April 9, 2012

What a Day!

Oh, my...what a day we had yesterday! Gracie has been waiting for her birthday forever, it seems. She has sung "Happy Birthday" to all of her cousins, her sister, 2 brothers and some classmates...all with great joy and happiness. Finally, though, it was her turn! I knew she was going to be excited...and I was right! We started the morning with Easter, which was all too exciting in and of itself. After her nap, we fixed her hair like Cinderella :) and waited for everyone to come.  (She has the perfect hair for an "updo")

Some of these pics look like she has make-up on...she doesn't...she just glows!
April 2012-6766classic workflow April 2012-6770classic workflow April 2012-6776classic workflow April 2012-6795classic workflow April 2012-6810classic workflow

I snuck this one of my and my honey in here because we never have pics together :)
April 2012-6847classic workflow

I kept the cake hidden from her because I had a feeling this is the reaction I would get :) As Richard walked out with that beautiful Cinderella cake, well...see for yourself...  (If you haven't watched the video, scroll won't want to miss that!)April 2012-6887classic workflow April 2012-6892classic workflow April 2012-6893classic workflow April 2012-6895classic workflow

 This is when she began to sing "Happy Birthday". It was so unbelievably sweet. April 2012-6898classic workflow April 2012-6902classic workflow April 2012-6904classic workflow April 2012-6906classic workflow April 2012-6909classic workflow

 Just a couple of present pics. Her excitement carried until every present was opened. April 2012-6914classic workflow April 2012-6921classic workflow April 2012-6924classic workflow

As I sit here going over these pictures and putting this post together, my heart feels like it might burst.  This child has brought new life into this house.  It is not always appreciated...especially around bedtime ;) but she has such an amazing joy that comes from her's humbling.  That she could have lived through the losses she has already experienced and come through it all with such a joy and zest for life.  Her middle name "Joy" is perfectly suited for her.  This birthday, her first with her forever family, will go down in my book as one of the most amazing days of my life.  Thank you, Lord, for this amazing child.  Let me never forget that her exuberance is a gift from you...even at bedtime :)
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