Tuesday, October 2, 2007

He Might Just Make It

I have been so worried about Bryce going to Jr. High, and how he would deal with all the different people there. He is not the best at making new friends. He is also very sensitive and wears his feelings on his shoulder. If someone makes fun or teases him, he gets very upset, which eggs the person on. We have dealt with this for the past few years and it drives me crazy. I would rather die than let someone know that they were getting to me, so I just couldn't stand when he would get so upset. So far, I hadn't heard anything negative about Jr. High so I was hoping everything was going good.

Last night, we were all in my bed right before bedtime just talking and goofing off, and Bryce said that there was a kid cussing him out during lunch. We asked him what the kid said and this is what he told us:

Robert: Stabs and apple in half and takes a bite and tells Bryce, "That's gonna be your head".

Bryce: "You can't eat my head."

Robert: "Shut the #*&* up. Me and my posse are going to jump you in the bathroom."

Bryce: "You don't have a posse"

Robert: "Yes I do, Tim and Todd are my posse, right?"

Tim: "Since when have we had a posse?"

Robert: "You'll come with me, right Todd?"

Todd: "No"

Bryce just laughed at him.

I know the words are harsh, and I hate that he has to hear that, but I am so proud of his responses. He also had a couple of rolled eyes in there and some shrugged shoulders. We all were able to laugh at how stupid the kid sounded. Robert also called Bryce a twig. So we asked Bryce what the kid looked like, he said he is about 6 inches shorter than Bryce. We just laughed. So this is the exchange that happened between my boys after the story:

Cade: What's a posse?

Dad: A group that sticks together.

Cade: Bryce, you have a posse.

Bryce: Who?

Cade: US! Me and Braden are your posse. I'll go up there and beat him up.

Braden: "Bryce should say, I'll get my posse, they're like a puma"

What that means, I don't really know, but I can tell you that we got a huge laugh at it.

So in honor of Bryce's new attitude, and in case you forgot how cute they are, here is the Doughty boy posse (this spring):


redmaryjanes said...

I tell you, it's so disheartening to hear this. You raise your children to be great young men and you send them out into the world and that's what they run into. It's really too bad. I'm glad that he can handle himself so well.

mommy24treasures said...

ditto everything above.
If there is anything that gets the mama bear me riled up, it is someone breaking my babies heart. I am sorry he has to deal with this.
I am glad he is maturing into such a great young man.

Christy said...

Just so irritating that this happens but I am so impressed with how your boy handled it. Bully's shy away when kids are not scared of them and your little MAN really handled himself well. Also the "brother posse" thing is so cute-- YOU GO POSSE!!!

Christy :)

Courtney said...

Sweet boys!

I just found your Blog. We live in Prairieville, LA and are LID 11-13-06. I am so happy to have found another family from Louisiana adopting from China. You can check us out at www.chloepaige.blogspot.com
DH Joe
DS Blaine (age5)
LID 11-13-06 GWCA

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Be proud. You raised yourself some good, no. GREAT boys! I love that they stick together too.

Nancy said...

I always try to instill in my boys that their brothers will be there no matter what. It sounds like your posse has this down already.

Dawn said...

You;re doing a great job with those boys. I love their "one for all and all for one" attitude. You (and hubby) should be proud

Life With All Boys said...

We have 2 more years until middle school. I have to admit, I'M SCARED!!

Steffie B. said...

Welcome to my world EXCEPT I have had to call the police and file a report on a particular girl twice now. Today being one of them. In the office with the VP and police officer for over an hour. I was shaking so bad. It has been a rough morning!

Linda Boe' said...

Yeah Bryce! And YEAH Doughty posse!

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