Sunday, April 1, 2007

Plan B

With three boys, you never know what will happen in a day, and you'd better always have a "Plan B". Yesterday was supposed to be Cade's first baseball game of the season. He has counted the days down all week, and wore his uniform all day. We were all so excited to see him play. The weather, however, had a different idea. As we pulled up to the baseball field, the sky opened up, and it started pouring. Cade was crying hysterically, but we had a plan B. A new movie called Meet the Robinsons opened this weekend. So we grabbed one of Cade's friends and went to the movie. I am saying all this to tell you what a wonderful movie it was. The beginning wasn't very impressive, but when the storyline started to come together is was the sweetest little story. It was about a little orphan boy who gets to travel through time, and how he gets a family. It was really great. When we stood up to leave, I told Richard that I wanted to leave for China today! We've still got quite a ways to go before we can do that, but plan B is to go see this movie again! If you get the chance, go see it!

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Denise said...

My boys want to see that movie, so I will take them over Spring Break. We are plugging along with the paperwork..I am sure that you are getting close!
Denise in Virgina

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