Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here are some more pictures of our ski trip. We had a lot of fun, but I was very happy to be in my flip flops today! Us southerners can't stand the cold for too long. I have been getting a kick out of the bloggers who are in China now. It is very hot and humid. You can tell that these folks aren't from Louisiana because they are so surprised at what the humidity does to their hair! If we travel when it's warm, we'll feel right at home! We have had a very productive few days. We actually received Richard's birth certificate in the mail Saturday!! That was a minor miracle. We also received my passport the same day!! I was VERY excited. That means that all I am waiting on is the I 171-H from USCIS. I call them and they said it would not take more than a month. I am hoping sooner than later, but at least I know they have everything they need, and I am getting close! We are also starting on our house this week! This is extremely good news considering we originally thought we would be moving in during the month of May. Do you think God is trying to teach me patience through all of this? I must be a really slow learner. I need to hurry up and work on that!

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