Saturday, April 21, 2007

Baseball is in Full Swing!

What a day! We are finally in complete baseball mode. The last couple of weeks our Saturday games have been rained out, so we have not been able to enjoy baseball in ALL its glory. Well, no worries, it couldn't rain forever. Today, each boy had a game. For Cade and Bryce, it was their first. They were very excited. Braden has been playing for a while, so we had to miss his game to make the others. That's just the way it goes sometimes. The pictures above are of Bryce and Cade. They both played very good. Cade wanted a big hit so badly. He hit pretty good, but didn't crush it like we know he can. Oh, well, I am sure he will next week. He is such a good 3rd baseman because he has the strongest arm on the team. He can throw it to 1st without any problems. Cade's team won 15-7. He was very excited. Bryce's game was a different story. They faced a very good pitcher. In fact, Bryce was the only one to get a hit off of him. We are so proud of him. When we were talking after the game, he said his knees were shaking when he was up there. That makes me even prouder, and boy is he proud of himself. He needed that boost. He also did well in the field. Braden's team played the best team in the league. They lost, but he played very well. He had a couple of good hits and made a few plays in the field. What I really should have taken a picture of is my sunburned back! I purposefully wore a shirt that I could get some sun. Boy did I! I don't know when I've been so burned. Oh, well, just part of it. Next week, I'll be smarter with the sunscreen.

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