Friday, April 13, 2007

Our trip to Colorado

What a wonderful trip we had! It was so much fun, and God blessed us with wonderful weather the whole time. It snowed pretty much the whole trip, and for my guys, that's just what they wanted to see. We started in Denver and visited my brother and his family. Then we went to Breckenridge to ski for three days and went tubing on the fourth day. The boys and I took lessons the first day. We all did pretty good, but the boys are definitely ahead of me. They have no fear, and race down the mountain every time! I was just trying to get home without a trip to the emergency room! These are just a few pictures. If you put the mouse on the picture, you can see the captions. I am still trying to download, unload, wash and fold all those sticky clothes. I'll add some actual skiing pictures soon.

1 comment:

Beckyb said...

Looks like SO much fun - I love those times away together - they are special.

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