Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hawaii Day 1

We are having such an amazing time here in Hawaii! Everything is gorgeous, laidback, and so much fun! We have been eating our way through the island, that is for sure. I just hope I can fit into my clothes for the trip home! Glad I have some elastic pants with me :) We have laughed so hard. Di, Paige and I had a shop owner ask if we had already been to the bar yesterday morning! Nope!! That's us on coffee and coke! lol... hawaii-1607 hawaii-1594 We ate at this amazing restaurant. This was our view!! HanuSunset-5184E2

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hawaii Bound

Richard and I are in Hawaii!! We arrived last night and are here for the week. Timing at home is a little crazy, but if you don't take advantage of opportunities when they arise, you miss out on a lot! We have not been away more than a few days (other than China) since our honeymoon (20 years ago)! My parents are holding down the fort at home while we get to play! Thanks mom and dad!!


High School Band Comes to an End

I just can't believe it!  We watched Bryce give his last high school band performance last week.  I can't even express how much I have enjoyed Bryce being in the band through jr. high and high school. 

He has been a member of this quintet for the last couple of years. bryce band-2

Being recognized with the seniors. bryce band-2-2

Bryce has two band directors. I love watching them both direct. It's so fun to see teachers really love what they do, and make a difference in their students' lives! bryce band-1563 bryce band-1566

The trophies the band has brought home this year. They scored all 1's at state this year! bryce band-1567

So sad to see this chapter end, but very exciting to move on to the next chapter. Bryce had an audition at LSU last week and was invited to attend their band camp! We fully expect him to make it through band camp and be a member of the LSU Tiger band next year!! So proud of this boy!

Freshman Powderpuff Game

Well...it's May. May brings the end of the school year and all the many activities associated with that. Like everyone else, I've been running back and forth from one to another, trying to be at everything for every kiddo. Last week, I had two big events at the same exact time. Braden's powderpuff game and Bryce's last high school band concert.

Of course, the band concert totally trumped the game...until Braden made homecoming court and this mama had to walk him onto the field! Luckily, both events were at the school, one in the gym and one on the football field. I literally ran back and forth and was able to see most of the band concert and also walk Braden onto the field.

 Two fun events...just wished they were on different nights :(

 So, here are some pics of Braden's game. He was chosen as a coach of one of the teams which they named "Doughty Dogs" lol... Especially funny since Braden doesn't even play football anymore! Their team didn't win, but they sure looked cute! powder puff-1555

powder puff-1558

powder puff-1561

I'm so proud of my handsome boy. Not really for this so much...just in general :) lol...
powder puff-1577

powder puff-1579

Braden's good friend, Dawson (in the pink) won prince :)
powder puff-1584

I'm just going to say...some of these girls were out for blood! I would not have wanted to be out there!! powder puff-1586

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Big Two Wheel-uh Bikes

Yep...these are my 4th and 5th children.  Cade knew how to ride a bike without training wheels when he was 4.  These two just got their first big bikes this month!!  Oh well... Wesleigh has been begging for a "big two wheel-uh bike" for months.  They received some birthday money and wanted to spend it on some new bikes :) 

They are pretty wobbly, but getting better and loving their new big girl toys!

April 2014-0464 April 2014-0462 Hmmm.... Maybe by the time they're 10 we'll take the training wheels off??

Youth Legislature

I was able to attend Youth Legislature with Braden this year. I remember participating in this program when I was in school. It was fun to see him do it. For months, they've been preparing by writing bills and studying about the process. Braden wrote a bill that said if you want a divorce but have children under the age of 5, you have to attend counseling first. The thought behind it was that even if the counseling did not save the marriage, it would help the children in the transition. His bill was one of the bills chosen in committee to be presented. It did not pass, but I was so proud of him for getting up there and presenting it. He did a great job.

I loved spending some time with his friends. I had a load of boys in my car both days. They are hysterical...always! April 2014-0425

April 2014-0427

April 2014-0439

April 2014-0441

April 2014-0459

April 2014-0460

Gracie's Birthday Party, Part 2

More (lots more) from Gracie's party!  I don't think there are any captions needed for these pics.  Gracie's face says it all!

Sweet Sara...our friend who was adopted last year from India.  What a little joy she is!!!

This was the first year the girls had their own birthday parties, with their friends.  They loved every second of it...and I love that I have an amazing group of friends that I can text 2 days before the party and they show up!!  :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Gracie's Birthday Party (part 1)

You'd be hard pressed to find a little girl who loves her birthday more than Gracie.  Of course, every child loves her special day.  Gracie just takes it to another level...of course, Gracie takes everything to another level! :)

I have tons of pics to post from this party.  It was pulled together in 2 days, and was everything Miss Gracie had imagined. 

The party was at a "pretend play" place.  Everyone seemed to have a good time... young and old!
April 2014-0156

April 2014-0161

Richard worked hard on the Lincoln logs!April 2014-0164

The boys found a checker's game. April 2014-0168

And Gracie found a stage!  Go figure!! April 2014-0169

April 2014-0170

April 2014-0172

Of course, we had to do the Frozen theme again!
April 2014-0178

April 2014-0179

April 2014-0182

April 2014-0183

April 2014-0185

Happy Birthday to you...
April 2014-0187

Happy Birthday to you...
April 2014-0188

Happy Birthday...

April 2014-0189

to Gracie...

April 2014-0190

Happy Birthday....
April 2014-0191

to you....
April 2014-0192

April 2014-0193 April 2014-0196

April 2014-0200

Gracie had to steal Olaf's teeth :)
April 2014-0202

I know there are way too many pics here, but I just can't help it.  I don't ever want to forget how excited she gets when we sing "Happy Birthday" to her... So fun!

My goal is to finish blogging April by the end of May!  I know I'm behind, but wow has life been busy!!  So good....but SO busy!! 
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