Saturday, May 3, 2014

Disney Band Trip

I was able to spend spring break with about 300 band kids in Disney! final group pic

I have to say...We had a blast! I loved spending time with my

Our group actually grew every day...I'm sure that's because we're such great moms :)  lol...
April 2014-1056
April 2014-1039   
Thunder Mountain Railroad
April 2014-1102

Gotta love teenagers!  These were my partners in crime.
April 2014-1059

China April 2014-1072

Couldn't help but think about my girls and how much they will love going one day :) April 2014-1080   

April 2014-0957

Class of 2014!!!
April 2014-0980

This would be Wesleigh's teacher!  She was my roomie too :) should be afraid!! April 2014-1013

Following all those teens around Disney is hard work.  This is Ashley...sleeping in a booth at the restaurant.
photo 2

But in all fairness...this is me sleeping in the hallway during our 3:00-5:00am chaperoning duty :)

photo 6
photo 7

photo 4

Had to take a pic of Anna and Elsa.  The girls would have died!
April 2014-1135

April 2014-1045

April 2014-1014

Truly, this trip was one of the most fun things I've done as a mom.  Our boys were so sweet and wanted to hang out with us the whole time.  What a blessing to get to spend the time with my graduate!!


Melissa said...

It makes me so happy to read posts from you because they are such an encouragement to me as a boy mama. Often you hear that boys aren't as close to their moms as girls, but you seem to be balancing the tightrope of loving them and letting them grow very well. I'm so glad you had a great trip-I am looking forward to many fun memories like that with my three some day!

Leggio said...

How Much Fun!!!! Such a sweet time with Bryce too!!!! Miss you. Hope yall have a GREAT summer.

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