Monday, May 12, 2014

Freshman Powderpuff Game's May. May brings the end of the school year and all the many activities associated with that. Like everyone else, I've been running back and forth from one to another, trying to be at everything for every kiddo. Last week, I had two big events at the same exact time. Braden's powderpuff game and Bryce's last high school band concert.

Of course, the band concert totally trumped the game...until Braden made homecoming court and this mama had to walk him onto the field! Luckily, both events were at the school, one in the gym and one on the football field. I literally ran back and forth and was able to see most of the band concert and also walk Braden onto the field.

 Two fun events...just wished they were on different nights :(

 So, here are some pics of Braden's game. He was chosen as a coach of one of the teams which they named "Doughty Dogs" lol... Especially funny since Braden doesn't even play football anymore! Their team didn't win, but they sure looked cute! powder puff-1555

powder puff-1558

powder puff-1561

I'm so proud of my handsome boy. Not really for this so much...just in general :) lol...
powder puff-1577

powder puff-1579

Braden's good friend, Dawson (in the pink) won prince :)
powder puff-1584

I'm just going to say...some of these girls were out for blood! I would not have wanted to be out there!! powder puff-1586

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