Friday, May 9, 2014

Gracie's Birthday Party (part 1)

You'd be hard pressed to find a little girl who loves her birthday more than Gracie.  Of course, every child loves her special day.  Gracie just takes it to another level...of course, Gracie takes everything to another level! :)

I have tons of pics to post from this party.  It was pulled together in 2 days, and was everything Miss Gracie had imagined. 

The party was at a "pretend play" place.  Everyone seemed to have a good time... young and old!
April 2014-0156

April 2014-0161

Richard worked hard on the Lincoln logs!April 2014-0164

The boys found a checker's game. April 2014-0168

And Gracie found a stage!  Go figure!! April 2014-0169

April 2014-0170

April 2014-0172

Of course, we had to do the Frozen theme again!
April 2014-0178

April 2014-0179

April 2014-0182

April 2014-0183

April 2014-0185

Happy Birthday to you...
April 2014-0187

Happy Birthday to you...
April 2014-0188

Happy Birthday...

April 2014-0189

to Gracie...

April 2014-0190

Happy Birthday....
April 2014-0191

to you....
April 2014-0192

April 2014-0193 April 2014-0196

April 2014-0200

Gracie had to steal Olaf's teeth :)
April 2014-0202

I know there are way too many pics here, but I just can't help it.  I don't ever want to forget how excited she gets when we sing "Happy Birthday" to her... So fun!

My goal is to finish blogging April by the end of May!  I know I'm behind, but wow has life been busy!!  So good....but SO busy!! 


Leggio said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Gracie. I Love the Joy God has given you. Truly a gift from the one above.

3 Peanuts said...

Her joy is just BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so glad they had their own little parties. These will be memories they cherish!!! Happy Birthday Gracie!!!

DiJo said...

Oh my word, could she be happier? I think not!!!! Those big precious miles speak volumes about the JOY that exudes from her!!!!!!

Thankful she is where she was born to be!!!!!


Ashley said...

I just love the joy that radiates from her...I think I remember posts in the past about Gracie's excitement over singing happy birthday!! Oh the joy of a child!!

Blessings, Ashley

Sharon said...

Such a beautiful child! The joy on her face is a sight to behold.

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