Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gracie is SIX!!

I cannot lie...this child absolutely takes my breath away. She is so full of joy at all times.  It is amazing! 
April 2014-9987 edit

I love this set of images because she was literally doing cartwheels all over the yard 30 seconds before.  I threw the tutu on over her shorts and stuck a headband in her hair!  Her hair is stringy because it was not combed...and I love it.  This is Gracie...a natural beauty.
April 2014-9994 edit

April 2014-9990 edit

April 2014-9979 edit

April 2014-9985 edit

April 2014-9978 edit

I won't lie about the other side of Gracie either...maddening!!  lol... There are times that I want to sit on her to get her to stay still!! 

This morning we all went into the girls room and woke them up singing "Happy Birthday" to Gracie.  She sleeps completely covered with her blankets, so as she emerged, it took her about half the song to wake up enough to understand what we were doing.  When it hit her, she got the biggest smile on her face I have ever seen.  It doesn't take much to make her happy... in fact, it doesn't really take anything.  She just is....happy.  She opened a few gifts from us and said "This is the best birthday party...ever!"  We are going to have a party for her, but honestly, I wouldn't have to. 

I pray, somehow, her birthmom knows that she is healthy, thriving, and happy!  I wish, somehow, I could thank her for choosing life for Gracie six years ago.


The Whitledge Family said...

I've followed your story for a long time now....in fact ever since you got Wesleigh. Both girls and so precious. We have our own China doll now :) One that we love to pieces. Take a look at my blog and you might recognize the squeaky shoes I bought from you years ago!

DiJo said...

Gracie Joy,
We love your sweet, genuine, and precious spirit. God has blessed you with so many gifts beatuful girl! One of those is to sprinkle joy wherever you go. You are so LOVED!!!!

Happy Birthday!
Your MN family!!

mom3boys1295 said...

She is beautiful! You have motivated me to post on our blog as well! Time flies!

Leggio said...

Happy birthday Sweet Gracie!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating you!!!!! Love your way.

Ani said...

Happy birthday Gracie! May you always be surrounded by joy and love!

likeschocolate said...

Happy 6th Birthday Miss Gracie!

Leah Mei said...

Love this precious girl. Happy birthday, Gracie Joy. Hope to meet you all one day.

Maureen said...

Oh I just LOVE these pictures!! Fabulous job. Helps to have such a beautiful subject. Happy Birthday Gracie!

Shay Ankerich said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!!!!! Xoxo

snekcip said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Gracie!!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Gracie! What joy you bring to our family. I can't wait to watch you grow up and share in your exuberance and love of life! I know the Lord has big and wonderful things for you! MawMaw

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