Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I have been trying to post for weeks now but Flickr decided to be difficult on my computer. I just downloaded a new app to my iPad to make this easier...we shall see!

We have had lots going on over here. Summer is winding down and school is just around the corner! Hard to believe. We've had a great summer but its time...a little separation will be a welcome thing. :)

I can't forget to post about Cade's baseball game winning their tournament in Disney. They went 6-0 and had such a great time. I decided not to make this trip. It was the right decision but I won't lie...it is physically painful for this mama to miss so many exciting baseball games! I absolutely cannot stand it!

Since I wasn't there, most of these pics came from someone's phone. I'm not so sore how threaten going to come out.

Look at Cade's feet! He said these are his lucky socks. I'm sure they smelled real lucky!
And mom cheering on the team from home through text updates. UGH!! Next year I will be there!!

Cade had an awesome week. He hit a grand slam and a homerun. He has had such a fun season!

This will be the first of many catch up posts. Bryce turns 17 tomorrow and we have a fun party planned!



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Lindy D. said...

Yeah for Cade! I love his swagger at the plate.

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