Saturday, August 10, 2013


We had a unique situation present itself a few weeks ago that has turned into such a blessing for our family. This is a wordy post but its a story worth sharing.

This is Trevor. He is 10. He has stage 5 cancer and does not have much longer on this earth unless God intervenes.


This is Trevor's mom, Allison and his siblings Tyson(4) and Tiana(3).

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by a friend who works at Cancer Services in town. She said she had a little boy (who had 2-3 months to live) whose dying wish list included shooting a real bow. She knows my boys are hunters and asked if Richard would be willing to make that happen. Absolutely! We were thrilled and humbled to be able to do that. A week later, we got a text saying his prognosis had been changed and it looked like he would only have 1-2 more weeks. They thanked us for offering but said they were going to just have a celebration of life party instead. If you know me at all, you know that this was completely unacceptable to me. This little boy was going to shoot that bow! As God would have it, his family ended up coming to our house that afternoon (last Thursday) and allowed us to love on them for a few hours.

Richard helpedTrevor shoot that new crossbow (easier than a traditional bow) into that new deer target and he was thrilled.



He also got to shoot a pellet gun and a BB gun. I have to say, he's a good shot! He was especially proud of the arrow he shot into the tree. He asked Richard what would happen if he shot the tree and richard said it would be stuck forever. We now have Trevor's arrow stuck in our tree. Some of Bryce's friends at the party started to try to pull it out and Bryce explained why it needs to stay there.

The second this family walked in the door, my girls each took one of Tiana's hands and whisked her to their room. They only emerged when they wanted to model new princess dresses. :)

It was so hot outside so we came in. We knew that Trevor loves the Xbox game mine craft. He was in luck because Bryce is a fan of this game also. Trevor and Bryce headed upstairs to play and we tagged along.


This pic cracks me up because Trevor went In and destroyed a whole world that Bryce and his friends had built. I know nothing about this game but Bryce said it was totally fine. Trevor has the funniest sense of humor and says some of the funniest things. He was not complimentary to their building skills and it was super hysterical! He also asked Bryce how in the world he could have a girlfriend looking like he does! SO funny!!


Bryce was so good with him. I was so in awe with the way he joked around and played with Trevor. It made my heart smile big.

Let's fast forward to the next day. I got a call asking if I would be willing to watch the younger two children for a night so Allison could spend some time with Trevor. I agreed and ended up keeping Tiana (Tyson didn't want to stay) overnight Saturday. We went swimming, the girls dressed up a million times and Tiana fell asleep on the couch while I laid down with her. She is the most precious thing and I am totally smitten with her!


The following day was Sunday and, come to find out, Allison and I go to the same church and didn't even know it. I met her at church with Tiana and found out that they were going to be called on stage during the service. Our pastor was so moved by Trevor and wanted the opportunity to share him with everyone and pray over hWe sat on the second row with Allison and Tiana sat on my lap during the whole service.

There is more to this story but I'll have to do a second post. I am just so thankful that God put us in Trevor's path.



Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I will be waiting for the next part and pray that the out come is looking better.

You and your family always amaze me with your open hearts.


Paige said...

Wow!! What a precious family, I'm thinking Tiana will be spending the night again:)

Sharon said...

Trevor is such a beautiful little boy. I will be praying for him, his family and looking forward to part 2 of your story.

DiJo said...

So proud of you and your precious family!!! Life is just too short to say "NO" sometimes!!! You have given Trevor such a gift.. And, I know in return your heart has been touched forever by a little boy who is living his life for as many days as God will allow him too....

So thankful how God orchestrated all of this.. I am sure this is just the beginning of a special relationship!


Kelly said...

Tears streaming! What an honor to be used by God to truly be the Hands and Feet of Christ to one of His own!

Jen said...

What an amazing experience for both families! So glad that he got to experience shooting the bow, I will add Trevor to my prayers.

3 Peanuts said...

I have tears too....what an absolutely beautiful story Jen. You have such a huge heart and you are modeling that graciousness for your kids and others. I will pray for Trevor and his family.


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