Friday, August 9, 2013

iPhone dump

Today was the boys' first day of school but Bryce left the house at 5:00am for a senior breakfast. I will take and post pics on Monday :). So instead, here's my last summer post :)

There has been so much going on this summer that I've ended up with lots of random pics on my phone. So here's out summer in about 2 minutes flat :)

Gracie and Wesleigh have both become such great swimmers this year. If you call Gracie a "fish" she will promptly correct you and tell you she's a "mermaid". We've spent more hours at the pool this summer than I ever have before. We will definitely miss it when school starts!

These two are so funny. They entertain each other all day long. Every once in a while they decide they're going to fight, but that only lasts a few minutes. They are looking at Gracie's photo book and Gracie is laughing at the pic of herself from her preschool Christmas program.

Wesleigh has become attached to my hip. She constantly want to be hugging me or snuggling with me. She has such a sweet heart.

See all the girls in the background? All summer, any little girl that step foot in that pool has been accosted by my pair. Most of the time, they are very happy to play with them. This day they had a huge entourage!! It has been wonderful for me!

Richard had surgery on his back a few weeks ago. He and I traveled to Birmingham to get it done. We were on the road watching our church service live on the phone. So cool!

Is it sad that leaving town for a surgery is considered a "getaway"?! Oh well beggars can't be choosers!

While Richard recovered, I got to reconnect with a sweet friend.

Bryce had 2 weeks of band camp where they work on learning the marching show. He is so excited to be a senior this year. We got to see their performance at the end of the week.

This is a screenshot of an instagram post by Braden. It touched my mama heart so much :). Braden was a huge help with the girls while rich and I were away. This is from a night when he laid down with them to get them to sleep.

There's a new toy at our house. The boys are getting ready for a big hunt over Thanksgiving so this crossbow ended up at our house. I have a big story around this bow but it deserves its own post so I will do that later.

They have been having target practice in the backyard for weeks!



There's also a new target in the backyard. You know, my house just wouldn't be complete without a big foam deer in the backyard! These two pics make me lol because they could not get the arrows out of it. I love seeing these two become friends :)


In between golfers, Braden would run out and set the target out on the fairway...yes, in case you didn't know already...we're rednecks!

Richard brought these shirts home from a business trip. He could not resist. So fitting!!

This little boy and Wesleigh will be in the same class next year. They were ganging up on their funny!

Just random :)

Can't believe summer is over!! We've had a good summer, but I'm ready to move on too. Kindergarten here we come!!



Maureen said...

The deer is hilarious. And the entourage. Love your posts! Jealous all of your kids will be off in school. I was almost there...but now a 19 pound Asian is running my life and it will just be she and I while the others are in school....should be relaxing:)

quilt'n-mama said...

Looks like a great summer! I was so busy too. I love the bow pictures, we also have a target in our back yard though we haven't moved to the deer yet:) The kids have compound bows and have gotten pretty good with them.

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