Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So Far, So Good!

School has been going great for the two littles!  They seem to be enjoying their days and there have been no issues that I know of :)  They are so precious getting on the bus and think they're big stuff.  I'm not going to lie, being able to walk back inside and drink a cup of coffee, pick up the kitchen and get laundry caught up has been amazing!  It has done this mama good.

Here are some pics from the last 2 days:
Love these red shoes and knee socks!!

Love these monogram decals for their converse too!!

A few funnies from these first days:
* I have always told the girls "Mommy always comes back".  While we were waiting for the bus the first day, I heard my mom tell Wesleigh, "You will come back, just like Mommy always comes back".  So today as we're waiting for the bus Wesleigh tells me "Don't worry Mommy...I always come back".  So sweet!  She is always busy making sure everyone is ok and knows where to go and what to do.

* Gracie has slept during nap all 3 days.  My guess is, she will sleep every single day!

*Wesleigh slept today and I'm shocked!  I never thought she would, but she has been exhausted when she gets home so I'm glad.

*They've been going to be at 8:00 because they're so tired.

*We're still working on the lunch thing.  Gracie does good and eats most of her lunch (soup, of course!).  Wesleigh, however, has yet to eat her sandwich.  I'm going to try mac n cheese tomorrow to see if that works better.  They are both starving when they get home.

* They are having trouble getting into "sister mode" when they get home.  It takes them a while to start playing with each other.  They finally do get in the groove and enjoy each other.

* All Wesleigh wants to do when she gets home is "snuggle" with me.  I am happy to oblige :)

* One of my friends who teaches 5th grade saw Wesleigh in the hall and went "pssst" to her twice.  As she told me the story, her hands were on her hips and she said "Her is going to get me in twouble!".  SO funny!  As expected, Wesleigh is all about doing exactly what she's supposed to.  Gracie hasn't told me any specific stories yet.... not sure if that's good or bad :)  lol...

Here's a look at my first day of school gifts for the teachers:

I did this when the boys were little too and it's always a hit :)

I haven't blogged it, but my boys have actually started school too!  lol... This is their second full week.  I took pics, but never posted them.  Now that I have more time to myself, I'm hoping to get a handle on the blogging!


3 Peanuts said...

So cute!!! I am glad t is all going well. Kindergarten is exhausting!!! And I am really glad you are getting a little time for you. How nice that you have the bus too! I have to take Kate to school. It is close but it mean having to get dressed!!!

Kate has worn the knee socks and red shoes the last few years too. I love that look!! She did not want another pair of the red shoe this year but I talked he into one more year for me;) I also let her get her first pair of Nikes. She wanted to be just like the boys!!!!

Paige said...

Only you can make a school uniform look awesome!!! Totally love the shoes!! This mama needed school time too, starting to feel a little normal haha!!

Leggio said...

Oh My Goodness........of course they have monogrammed converse. LOL and where does one find these???? You crack me up. Gracie and Wesleigh are the most Styling girls in uniform I have ever seen.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh my word- the knee socks and red shoes is the sweetest look ever! So cute!

I love the teacher gift too. I might need to steal that next year for my Junior League board gifts.


Lori said...

Jennifer, they are just the cutest!! Thinking they're big stuff with the bus ~ how precious:)
They look adorable in their matchy-matchy too.
That's funny about Gracie napping so much and how precious is Miss W with her "coming back" story that:)
Hope they have a great year, enjoy your time, you deserve it!!!!

Kathryn said...

Oh my goodness... your girls are absolutely the cutest! Love the red shoes! Happy Gotcha Day to Gracie ~ the pics you posted were just beautiful!

Jamie said...

Too cute! Love the monogrammed converse!

Anonymous said...

I love following your girls as they grow up, such characters and so cute in their uniforms! I can remember when I started school and my mum bought me a book called starting school by Janet and Allan Ahlberg - its a cute book !

Katie in Liverpool x

Kathryn said...
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quilt'n-mama said...

I love the monograms on the shoes! Where did you find them?

Kat Shank said...

Ok, so little ones saying 'her' instead of 'she' is normal? You actually just made me feel a LOT better about my 'niece' (friend's adopted daughter) who does that too. I was afraid it was because of her biological mother and her lack of care for her child...

And they are so cute! I love the red shoes too, just adorable!

snekcip said...

They taking "uniform wear" to a brand new level!! :) TOO CUTE!!! Love the KNEE SOCKS and RED SHOES! Bre is not having ANY OF IT though!She does not like ANYTHING on her legs and she has BEAUTIFUL SHAPELY LEGS!! (blahh)

PS School wears them out and yes they are STARVING when they get home (even though they eat lunch). I think they burn off alot of energy! Bre ask for SOMETHING TO EAT THE MINUTE I pick her up. I keep some fruit handy to "tide her over"!

HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR to all your beautiful kiddos!!

Shay Ankerich said...

SO glad everything is going well! Can't imagine what you are doing while they are gone! Sleeping?/? XOXO

Glinda said...

The girls had a music class call "Music Together, Drum collection" and there is actually a song called "They Always Come Back" my girls want it played over and over.

I heard Zoë tell Poppi, "Mommy always comes back" the other morning when she was heart melted.

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