Monday, May 13, 2013

Wesleigh Jane "Teacup"

I love this girl...she makes me laugh constantly and she makes me wonder how I was so blessed that God picked me to be her mommy!

I love this first picture. I feel like I can look into the future and see what she will look like when she's grown. I also get the feeling I can see what her birth mother might look like. May 2013-7395cwf

May 2013-7397cwf

Wesleigh Jane has certainly come into her own in the past couple of months.  Her personality has taken a turn into quite the sassy know-it-all, and very talkative!  She is still her super sweet, adorable self but now it's just on steroids!  Here are some of the funny things she's said and done in the past couple of days:

*"why" has now turned into "did you know?".  I cannot even tell you how many times a day I hear this phrase:
"Mommy....did you know??  that I love you??"
"Mommy...mommy...did you know??  that the t-rex is a meat eater??"
"Mommy...mommy...mommy... did you know??  that MawMaw is your mommy??"
"Mommy...mommy...did you know??  I am very smart??"
"Mommy...did you know??  That I live in China and Weesiana??"

NON-STOP!!  But I must say, she tells me the "I love you" phrase about 100 times a day and it melts my heart every single time!  She also talks about "my family" alot, and it might be the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

May 2013-7398cwf May 2013-7399cwf

Her other new word is "hypothesis"! read that right.  We were on our way home from school  yesterday talking about taking a nap and this is what I hear, "I have a hypothesis.  My hypothesis is if you don't take a nap, you'll be crabby.  But if you take a nap, you won't be crabby.  That's my hypothesis".  Seriously??  I don't know if Cade could use the word "hypothesis" in a sentence like that!!  :)

Over the last 2 days, these are the other hypothesis's she's come up with:
"if mommy looks back at Gracie, she'll wreck.  If she looks at the road, she won't wreck"
"if we wear a jacket, we won't be cold.  If we don't wear a jacket, we'll be cold"

She has become very outgoing!  Hard to believe, but she is the one who will walk up to anyone and start talking.  Gracie still hides behind my leg for a little while in some new situations (not all...but some).  Wesleigh goes right in and says "Nice to meet you".  So sweet!

May 2013-7404cwf

May 2013-7402cwf

She has started spelling all the road signs.  She knows all her letters very quickly, so she reads off all the letters and asks me what it says.  Have I mentioned that she talks 100% of the time we're in the car??

There was a painting on the wall of a building on our way to Disney on Ice today.  All of a sudden she says, "Hey...that's the state capitol in that painting".  The state capitol was a small part of the painting but she was right.  She has explained planets, meat-eating dinosaurs vs. plant eating dinosaurs, rainbows, sunsets, and many other concepts.  I am amazed by her.

She loves deep.  She knows how everyone in our family is related and she loves that she has "a weally big family".  She not only loves her family, but loves her teachers.  The report is that she will stop playing to come sit on the bench and tell her teacher how much she loves her.  How much do you bet, that sentence starts with "Did you know??"  lol...

I took all of these pics while we spent some alone time this afternoon.  Gracie had been in time out 3 times at school today...yes THREE!  So her punishment was a nap!  I loved spending some time with Wesleigh alone.  Her laugh is infectious and easy.  I adore this little girl and am amazed by her daily :)

May 2013-7416cwf

May 2013-7417cwf

May 2013-7418cwf

May 2013-7419cwf

May 2013-7420cwf


Paige said...

precious, precious girl!!! Oh how I love her and have not even met her yet!! She cracks me up too with all her thoughts, thinking being a scientist may be in her futureP:)

Ruthie Montague said...

love these pictures! And so fun to read about your precious girl! She is so adorable!

Fannie said...

Great pics!! Your girls really are too cute! The one with her little panties showing just cracked me up! Its amazing to watch your kids come into their own isn't it? Hope you enjoy every moment even more after the recent China journey!

Leggio said...

She has grown so much since we have followed your story. Such a beautiful girl. Mia keeps showing more and more of her personality too and oh my goodness she is sassafras. Lol she snatched some gummy worms out of my grocery basket and by the time I turned around and told her no mam she cocked her head at me and said YES I ARE. Lol

Lori said...

She's Absolutely PRECIOUS!!! Sounds like she's going to be a deep thinker...too cute!

Allie said...

Precious little peanut!! I love her to pieces and I haven't met her yet! Haha. Hypothesis is the new word huh? I wonder where she got that from!!

DiJo said...

Hypothesis? Seriously.. She totally get's it.... I miss that sweet and obviously smart little TeaCup.. It wasn't too long ago she was a scavenger in my closet loading things into Ruby's backpack!!! :) She is special, and it is obvious that she is LOVED!!!! When did she grow up? Someone is totally ready for Kindergarten! Thank God Gracie has "W" to keep her in-line.. 3 time outs just cracks me up.. God bless Gracie!!!


Cori said...

Love this post about your girl!! She seems like so much fun. God must have big plans for her :)

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

What a sweet precious girl!!

Paula said...

Love it!!! I've taught grade seven students in the past who weren't able to come up with as many hypotheses as Wesleigh nor grasp the concept as well as she has! Way to go! Cute and smart all rolled into one. You're in for trouble, I think! Stunning pics as per usual!

Keisha said...

Such Sweet Pictures! She is growing up so quickly, & what a smart little Teacup she is!

Tera said...

Just LOVE her and how you described her!

Courtney said...

She is adorable! Sounds like she is a spunky little girl. You will miss all the why's and did you know when she is older.

Sharon said...

She is so beautiful and she sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the many sides of sweet Wesleigh!

kristin said...

What a love! She sounds very much like my Huai'an boy.

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