Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Flower Girl

Our lawnmower is having some issues these days, so I decided to take advantage of the wild flowers growing in the backyard :)  These girls never cease to amaze me in the difference between them and the way their brothers were when they were little.  These were actually taken a couple of weeks ago.  You won't believe how tan they have gotten since then.

Gracie is definitely my fairy tale, dream girl.  Every day is better if she gets to wear a dress that twirls :)  It is almost dance recital time and Gracie is in her element.  They actually have her placed in the front row...not quite sure what they're thinking.  One thing I do know, she will be worth watching!!
May 2013-7482cwf

May 2013-7483cwf

May 2013-7489cwf

May 2013-7492cwf

May 2013-7493cwf

May 2013-7495cwf

May 2013-7496cwf

May 2013-7498cwf

May 2013-7501cwf

Richard walked by and saw the flower show.  He took the camera from me and took a few.
May 2013-7535cwf

May 2013-7559cwf

May 2013-7570cwf

Love these girls!

The coolest thing has been happening since I got home from China.  Gracie is actually talking about her memories from China.  She was 3 1/2 when she came home, so I know she remembers some things.  Before my trip, she would admit to remembering very little.  Since I've been home, she has actually been telling me about the house she lived in and some other little details .  Here are a few of the things she has shared:
*She took baths with bubbles, but no soap.  Guessing the bubbles were the soap :)
*She helped with the dishes and there were bubbles in the water.
*She saw a shark at the aquarium.  I know they went to the aquarium on a PRO field trip :)
*She told me the name of her goat/sheep stuffed toy that she came to us with.  "Si YaYa".

I'm not quite sure about the psychology of it all, but for some reason, seeing pictures of me in her foster home...with her foster mom has made it ok for her to share these things with me.  I am so happy about it!  I know she will forget all of those little details at some point and I would love to have them documented before she does.


Leah Mei said...

I just love your girls! That Gracie puts a smile on my face every time!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ladies the 3 of you! Wow they are looking so grown up! Hope you learn more memories.

Paige said...

Oh Jenn these pics are just gorgeous!!! I have got to get my camera out more these days but just have not been motivated. I am so glad that Gracie is talking more about her time in China. She is such an angel, I know she may not always acts it but she sure looks the part!!!!:) Miss you and love you!!!!

likeschocolate said...

She is beautiful! Maybe seeing you there and you being happy there make her feel comfortable to share that you would not be sad of her memories and her life there. I can only imagine that there must be a delicate balance for these children in wondering if they might hurt others by how they feel!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Gorgeous flower girls!! I still cant believe how much Ava reminds me of Gracie. My girls have gotten so tan the last week just swimming every day too.

Happy to hear she is opening up about China. Gemma still does not share much either.

Cant wait to see pics of your girls recital. Ava's is in two weeks but they wont let us take pics or video. :(

Sharon said...

Such gorgeous girls and pictures. How wonderful that Gracie Joy is sharing those tidbits of her life.

Lori said...

Beautiful pics!!! I can't wait to see Gracie as a teenager!!! You've got your work cut out for
Love the pics with you and the girls!!!

The Waite Family said...

Love the pictures! I have been following your blog for a while. I sent you an email last week to see if you would share some information with me on Hirschsprungs Disease. My son has been home with us for a year and a 1/2 and has this same condition. Not sure if you received my email, I used the email address from your blog. I would love to hear from you. My email is Thanks!!

Ani said...

Those pictures of Gracie are stunning! She literally takes your breath away. Thank you for sharing these with us!

elisa said...

Your pictures make me want to add one more- I would love for our daughter to have a sister! Thanks for sharing.

snekcip said...

Loving the pictures of GRACIE!!! She is such a beaufitul little girl as is Wesleigh!! I love that she is sharing a bit of her past. I think the "mind" has a way of allowing things to surface a bit at a time. Glad that her memories are warm ones that she can cherish for as long as her sweet little heart can remember.

Lindy D. said...

Gracie is such a beauty and so photogenic. I love the picture of you with the girls. It's hard to believe that they are only just finishing preschool, as they seems so much older.

I'm so happy for Gracie that she is talking about her life in China. Such a blessing. One wonders what goes through their little heads. It's just great for her on so many levels!!

Leggio said...

LOVE LOVE the pics girl!!!!! The ones of you and the girls are just precious. Hope we can see you again soon!!!!!!

DiJo said...

I wish I could be more like Gracie Joy.... Taking the time to let my hair hang in my face while the wind blows... Studying the flowers like I don't have a care in the world, finding the joy in just wearing a twirly skirt... She's the one who has life figured out!!! So thankful that our trip to Changsha has opened some locked doors.. I have loved her since the first day I saw her smiling adorable face!! Born to be yours.. Carefree and perfect!!!! And absolutely adored!


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