Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Down here in the south, most people are celebrating Mardi Gras today.  The kids are even out of school because of it.  But in this house, we are celebrating something much bigger and more exciting!!

Wesleigh Jane is FIVE!!

She has been waiting for this day, and even though we celebrated on Sunday, she knew she would not really be 5 until today.  Her daddy got up early and got donuts and a king cake for her :)

I have some party pics to share, but wanted to get these up this morning.  It's been raining all weekend so there weren't many opportunities to get any decent pics.  Who needs the sun when you live with this little ball of sunshine though!!


This is the new face she gives me for every pic.  SO silly!



This one just makes me laugh.  You can see the clouds in the background and the wind was blowing so hard.  Her piggies were going crazy.  I don't think she was amused :)


Lori said...

Happy 5th Birthday Wesleigh!! LOVE her Adorable silly faces!!! Enjoy your "FUN" filled day!


snekcip said...

Happy 5th Birthday Wesleigh! You are just too precious for words! FLYING PIGTAILS and ALL!!

PS Today is also my granddaughter's 9th birthday!!

Paige said...

happy 5th Wesleigh, you are so very precious!!!!

Allie said...

She is too precious Jen!!! :) love that new silly look she's got :) almost cutting her eyes there ;)
Tell little miss happy birthday!!! Oh to be five again... :) I hope she had an amazing birthday!!!

Sammy said...

Your blog has so many things (and kids) to look at!

3 Peanuts said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Wesleigh!!!

Shay Ankerich said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! Beautiful photos!!! XOXO

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