Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Little Funny and a Lot Sweet :)

I thought I'd share a few of the funny and sweet things that have been heard around here recently. I know I haven't remembered all of them...but here are a few:Girls and -9286cwf

Wesleigh has the biggest crush on Braden right now.  It is really funny.  She adores him and has been talking about marrying him for quite a while now.  She says, "when I get big, I'm going to be a princess and Braden is going to be my prince, and we going to get married".

The girls have gotten quite good at their prayers.  It is precious to hear their little voices talking to sincerely to God.  Gracie, however, can get pretty long-winded saying her blessings sometimes.  The other day, she started saying her blessing and we just let her go.  She thanked God for the obvious things, then she started naming all the princesses.  We let her go until she hit Aurora, otherwise known as "seeping bootie" in this house!!  We all started dying laughing as she thanked God for "seeping bootie".  She looked up and said, "HEY!  What everybody laughing at!".

I was in Walmart a while back pushing the girls in the buggy with the addition on the front so they can fit.  I was going about my business when I hear Gracie complain of a booboo on her hand.  W looked at her and said, "Gwacie, you want me to pray for your boo boo?".  When G said yes, Wesleigh held her hand, bowed her head and prayed that God would heal Gracie's hand.  So sweet!

Richard hurt his back a couple of weeks ago and was in bed with it.  Gracie went over to him, put her hand on him and asked God to help "make Daddy's back feel better".  So sweet!

And because I would never want you to think they are always this cute and loving...Wesleigh told Gracie last night, as we were driving home from a football game, "Gwacie!  You weally tickin' me off!!!"  lol....seriously???  I could so tell you that they get it from the boys, but I'm afraid that one comes from me.  Yikes!!


Ruthie said...

:) That made me smile.

3 Peanuts said...

SO cute. I can hear her imitating the weally tickin me off thing from you. Just like she would always say "hey" Like her Mama.

Martha C. Ryan said...


Forever Sisters said...

Beautiful Family :)

snekcip said...

They are just so darn PRECIOUS!! I could just imagine their cute little voices!!!

DiJo said...

So sweet Jennifer!!!!! They just make me laugh!! And the TeaCup/Braden thing is too funny!!!!!

I miss my favorite Louisiana girls!!!! Big and small!


Keisha said...

So cute Jennifer! I hate it when they grow up and start learning the correct way to say things... ;)

Lindy D. said...

Cute pic of Wesleigh Jane! Is Braden smiling for the camera???

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